Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Amma, Rajjo and Kids get upset with Happu – Telly Updates

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The episode has started with Hrithik, Ranbir and Chamchi Rajjo. Rajo asks why they are not ready to go to school? The spoon tells us what to do, our legs don’t lift. Hrithik says the spoon is right, we will go out and have a meal. Kat says she won’t come to see the movie and will come after dinner. Rajo asks Malaika if his face is not washed. Malaika said it was washed, but Hrithik had painted it strongly. Ranbir called Rajjo and asked him to take Happu to the sleeping place with garbage bags. Rajjo was shocked. Chamchi says, Papa didn’t think of Mummy’s words and even drank bhang. Kat says you can’t go now. Rajjo thinks of teaching him a lesson. Malaika tells Kat that she is feeling Holi. Kat says she is angry that Kamlesh spoiled her Holi. Kamlesh comes there with a bandage on his head. Kat tells him to go and tells her she doesn’t have time. Kamlesh told him that Rocky hit him while he was coming here and he fell unconscious. Malaika said it was your fault for making such a friend.

Manohar throws garbage and finds Happu sleeping in the garbage bag. He wakes him up. He has done well by raising him, says Happu. He says he has to go and take the kids. He comes home and says they will go out. Hrithik says you spoiled our Holi. Malaika tells him to go inside. Kat says you ruined our plan. Happu asks Amma to explain to her children and the biggest thing is, only 12. Hrithik says that Holi was yesterday and we woke up today. Happu is shocked. Amma and Rajjo became angry at him for drinking and falling unconscious. Happu says Benny woke me up. All the kids get upset. Malaika said that I was ashamed to call him Bapu. Hrithik says they will go inside. Amma got angry at him. Rajjo asks Happu if she is crazy about being unnecessarily upset with him. Happu says he wants to take the money away so he will take her out. Rajojo says you say as if we cut your pockets. Happu apologized and told her to end the affair. Rajjo tells him to go. Happu flirts with her. Rajjo beats him and releases him.

Chedilal came to Happu’s house with a woman and said that Happu had blackened her face. Happu says he couldn’t do anything even under the influence of alcohol. Amma tells the woman to go and says that she will curse Happu. Kat says she has her head down because of her. Ranbir says you have a black spot on your father’s name, drown. Amma hits Happu. Happu assures that he did nothing. Amma asks how dare you swear on me? Happu told her to believe. Amma says you fell in my eyes.

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Update credit to: H Hassan