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The episode begins with Rajjo getting angry at Happu. She tells him to pick up his luggage and leave the room. Happu tries to convince her, but doesn’t want to give her another chance. He goes out. Rajjo closed the door and sat on the bed. Happu enters the room with his luggage, but she pushes him and pulls him out. Happu tries to talk to his children. Malaika said we will give him a medal. Happu asks you don’t trust your father. Ranbir says how can you say that you have not molested the girl. Happu says he didn’t tease the girl and says you guys are talking big. Hrithik says we have done such a cheap job. Happu hits him. He asks Kat, why did he clean his hands and try to make her emotional? Kat says that our head has gone underground because of our actions. Happu says what he is saying, I will not ask. He told the spoon to believe. The spoon tells me how to ignore it after seeing it with my own eyes, and she’s afraid people are worried. Ranbir says he doesn’t want to see his face. Malaika says the same. Happu becomes restless. Ranbir has sung a sad song. I didn’t even think to live… .Happu went out and sat down.

Kamlesh called Kat and asked her to give him a chance. He says he just wants to play Holi with her. Kat asked him to come home. Kamlesh says Malaika will beat me and tell her to come. Kat said she would come. Kamlesh is happy. Rocky and the other kids get there. He says I will paint your face. He paints your face and goes. Kat comes there and calls Kamlesh. She looks at him and says you played Holi with me. Kamlesh says Rocky used to play Holi with me. Kat says Malaika was right that you are and are not my best friend.

Manohar is asking Resham Pal to release the files as Happu will investigate. Silk Pal asks where is Happu? Manohar says in the field. Chedilal comes there and says that the woman is his sister-in-law. Silk Pal asks what should I do? Bai says Happu Singh… Chedi Lal says he teased her. Resham Pal promised to punish him and asked Manohar to report. Manohar says talk to Happu once. Resham Pal says we will arrest him now. Chedi Lal thanked him. Silk Pal tells Manohar to have tea.

Happu told Bedi about the allegations against Chedilal. Benny is shocked. Happu asks him not to drink too much. Benny says I’ll beat you, I warned you not to drink too much, but you should drink and hurt a woman. “I’m sure you can’t molest a woman even when you’re drunk,” he says. Resham Pal and Manohar come there and call Happu. Amma asks why are you shouting? Manohar says his wife kicked him, if you think so you are wrong. Resham Pal asked Manohar to arrest Happu for molesting the girl. Amma says I will punish them by pulling their ears, it is a family matter. Resham Pal says it’s no longer a family affair. Rajjo says they will beat him up and ask him not to arrest Happu. Resham Pal said that this girl is a matter of molestation. Happu told Benny to do something. Benny says he can’t do anything. Amma tells him to take Happu but beats him slowly. Malaika said he would be beaten a lot.

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