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Emily thinks the festival is celebrated with the family, she is alone here and can’t come back to Amma / Mithi. Adi enters and asks why she doesn’t come to his house with him? She asks why she came here. He asks why she came here without telling him, she didn’t let Touji go with her, she won’t stay here. She asked why he should come with her if it was his responsibility. When she says she will stay there, he leaves her on the sidewalk, but she comes here. He packs her clothes and asks if she misses him. She said no. He says he remembers her and can’t leave her. She asked what kind of relationship to come with him, she can’t come here and hurt Malini. He says he didn’t want to either, but now he has to do it because he loves Emily, and if she comes with him, she’ll fix everything. She says that she is with him on the condition that he does not break the promises made by Malini at the time of marriage so that Malini is not hurt. He promises. She says it’s not her clothes. She then fills her clothes in the bag and says she does it on purpose.

Anu and Dev visit Tripathi. Tripathi has wished him a happy Holi, and Aparna says he was happy to see them here. Anu says that she came here to see Adi’s treatment of Madini. Malini wishes them a happy Holi. God asks why she didn’t play Holi and told Pankaj that he works with colors, but his daughter doesn’t want to play with colors, why didn’t they convince her. Malini said that Aparna has persuaded her to play Holi. Anu asks where is Adi? Aparna says he is coming. Anu asks him why he is not where he should be, he is playing hide and seek with Malini again. Malini says that till now Adi was not playing Holi with her, so she asked me to paint others before and after. Adi plays Sholi with Imli and has fun. Malini thinks she can’t even imagine that Adin would like to play Holi.

Tamarind and etc. throw colors at each other. Saath rang me khelrahi hai dilwalon ki toli re..sang parshvabhumivar natak. The Tripathi family is waiting for the colors. Sunny and Tia say they are bored, so let’s play Holi. Nidhi says let’s wait for a while. Sundar brought Holi. Tia and Sunny insist on playing Holi with them, but agree when Dhruv signals. Nishant says it’s boring and hints at Dhruv and Rupal being on the side. He then shows the cannabis and insists on mixing it in the food and feeding the family to cheer up the family mood. Aparna first notices him and then Taiji sees Bhan in Nishant’s hand and hits him and tells him to go and throws him away. When they hear Emily’s voice, their discussion continues. Emily knocked on the door singing the song. Etc. also sing. The family opens the door with enthusiasm and she hugs everyone and dances with them. Tauji behaves like an angry person. Pankaj tells Adi that it is good that he brought her here, but he should have informed her in advance. Aparna hugs her and says she loses her. God looks at Imli, but Mithi stops reminding her that Imli doesn’t know that he is her father.

Aparna draws Adila to play Holi with Madini. Malini was disappointed to see Gandhar already in the colors. Her best wishes to Emily. Malini replies and says that she thought that Adila did not like to play Holi and so Sindhur would apply for it, but he has already played Holi; No matter, he can still apply Sindhur to her, this is his first Holi as a husband-wife and at least he can do it for his wife too. As auspicious for their relationship, Tauji asked Adin to do the same. Adi hesitates but recalls Emily’s request and agrees. Malini opened the bottle of vermilion and offered it to him. After that Sunny ran and hugged Adalya and dropped the vermilion on Imli and rested on the floor. Malini stands more confused. Sunny apologized to Malini. Malini says okay. She is fine as there are different shades of color and she tries to apply it on her. She stops her and says that she wants her husband to paint her first, but she doesn’t because she doesn’t. Adi picks up the bottle of vermilion and says that there is nothing left in it, she did not inform him about his plan. Malini says there is no point in planning because whatever is in the fortune will happen. She said she was happy to see Emily back. Pankaj is telling Imli to disappear again without knowing. Anu tells Malini that Adi looks very happy that Imli is back. Nishant asks why Dad looks upset when Imli returns. Touji says that he and Imli were like Jay and Viru of this house, but Imli listened to Adya instead, so Sundar is his friend from here. Pleasures beautifully and kills Emily. Tamarind returns to the north.

Prep: Tells the beautiful Emily that she is behaving like a bahu of this house and shows her colorful sidewalk. Anu takes a step and throws water, saying that there is a difference between the red / white color of the wedding and the cheap color.

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