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Imli makes Taiji and Aparna put on several hands and asks Taiji, Dhruv and Nishant that women only have two hands and they cannot do more than one task at a time. He apologizes to Taiji and Aparna and promises not to let them complain. Malini said Imli is right, they should all work on Sundays and give Taiji and Ma a rest. They all agree. Aparna and Taiji thanked Imli. Good luck to Id. She answers and brings milk for Malini. Malini resists saying she doesn’t like the taste. Adi tells Emily to drink as she likes and soaks the almonds with them. Imli said she brought it for Malini. He hugs her and shows his concern. Emily thinks Adi is worried for her. Malini is of the opinion that he has never shown so much concern for her and is acting as if he will lose something if Emily does not agree.

Grandmother plans the puja at home and invites Malini and Adi’s family home. God says they will eat after that. Even before that, Adya will get another assignment, said Anuchi. God says that when she visits Tripathi, she creates her questions whenever she goes to meet them. He tells Grandma that he will invite Imli too. Anu said that he should also call Sundar and ask him why he should take care of a servant. He asks the boy what is wrong with her. She says he cares a lot about a maid and Tripathi also cares more about a maid than all three arms Malini. He says Emily is more cultured than she is, and so on. She thinks he compared Malini to a maid and now he is comparing her even more. She had the idea of ​​worship in Malini’s eyes so she tells them to stop fighting and didn’t want any trouble.

Taiji and Aparna asked Imli to help put up a picture of Adi and Malini’s wedding on the wall. She feels bad looking at their picture. She then walks over to Tinkle and takes the paper from her. Aparna informs Taiji that Anu and Dev are coming here to invite her for worship. Taiji said she has a headache and Aparna said she has broken her legs, laughs and says she can’t give an excuse but will have to watch the fight between Anu and Dev. Taiji says he will send Adi and Malini instead. Madini joins them later. She informed Adin that her parents were coming to invite her for worship. He leaves her rudely again.

Imli sketched her and Adi’s wedding. Adi goes to her and asks what she is doing. She says his surprise. He insists on seeing this and runs after her. God and Anu get there. The family greeted him. Adi acts as going away and takes sketches. Tamarind resists and retreats. Taiji called Adila and he left. She hides the sketch in the sketchbook and hides it under her bag. Adi met Dev and Anula. Rupal tells Deva that Tinkle wants to show her her picture. He agrees. Timble runs to get a sketchbook from Tamarind’s room. Emily greeted God and Anula and touched their feet. Anu pushes her back and pushes her away. Adi comments that the Emily elders are showing respect, but they do not deserve it. Anu comments. He answers back. Aparna tells him to shut up and takes them inside.

Tinkle takes a sketch book from Imli’s room and shows her sketches to God. Imle was troubled that God would see her sketch and pray to Sita Maiya for help. When God was about to examine her sketch, Sunny pulled out a sketchbook and fled. Tia runs after her and falls into the sketch corridor. Anune told the Tripathi family that her mother / grandmother had invited them for the puja. Tauji says everyone has some work to do, so Adi and Malani will go to them. God agrees. The sketch gesture stuck on the beautiful shoes. Anu asks what is stuck on his shoes. He apologizes and tries to pull it off when Emily catches it. Etc. takes from her. Touji asks what is the paper? He says waste paper and he will throw it away. Malini said she would throw it away and throw it in the dustbin. God asks Imli if she will come with Adi and Malini? He says he will not come because he does not want to be insulted again by reminding her of this incident. Malini said she asked her mother to apologize and Som did so. He says there is no guarantee that Anu will not insult her again. God again pleads with Emily for Grandma’s benefit. Adi thinks that God has done wrong with Mithi and Tamarind, but he cannot stop him from meeting Tamarind; So he says Emily will come with them. Anu said Imli could work with other servants. Malini asks why she should. Addis says that Emily will be a guest and she will not be there without a servant. God says he is inviting Emily like a daughter. Adi thinks he knows, but he won’t keep quiet if something goes wrong with Imli tomorrow. Anula wonders how God will give his daughter’s place to the maids.

Precap: Panditji checked Aadya’s palm and he said marry twice.

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