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Malini returned to Tripathi House and saw the switch on the mobile flashlight turned off. Adi sits next to Emily and asks her about her exam. She says she’s too stressed to think about it. He’s holding her hand and don’t think about what’s not in her hand and don’t think about his mom and dad. She has feelings with shvers. She says she’s shivering now. Madini is walking to her room with one of her problems that Adya’s problems are not bigger than hers, so she has to discuss her problem with him. Nidhi looks at her and says she would have come here yesterday. Emily anxiously tells Adi that she feels hot and she needs water. He goes to fetch water for her and don’t think too much as everything will be fine. Tamarind leaves. Malini said everything will be fine. Idi thought that Imli must have left before Madini entered. Emily wonders why she feels so good at the touch of Adin if she is suffering from emotional illness. Seeing her, Nidhi said that she gave him candles to stay in Adi’s room, so there was no need to take Imli’s help. Emily is sorry to hear that.

Adi confronted Malini about making a landline call. Malini says she cared for him, so she called the landline. He says calling the landline shouldn’t be her idea. She tells him what she can do when she gets confused, so she consults her mother and insists on talking to her and telling her what’s on her mind. He says we’ll talk tomorrow and ignore her. She feels that she needs to resolve all her differences.

Tamarind prays to God in a loud voice that bothers Touji and the whole family. Rupal informs Taiji and Aparna that the result of Imli’s test is at four in the morning, so she is praying loudly and not letting anyone sleep. Gather the whole family. Emily’s drama continues and she asks everyone to pray for her eesults. Touji says she must have been taught by some mute person, so she doesn’t believe it. Adi hopes that he will get good marks as taught by Ed. Imli blames Touji’s education and says he will be responsible if she gets low marks. Everyone laughs at her and tells her to continue her worship. Nishant urges you not to chant loudly. Imli agrees and her play continues with loud bells and vibrations. Etc. Family members support her when she clicks pictures. Malini goes to him and asks him to join her. He asks to go and enjoy the family drama. She thinks he showed no pictures.

After the pooja, Taiji says we will eat and ask for tamarind’s favorite food. Tamarind says Chadhi Chaval. Tauji says that he and Pankaj are experts in making curry rice and 1 asks years ago how children make curry rice. They start joking about how spicy they were. Adi says he will catch Pankaj and Tauji in the kitchen. Tauji says he doesn’t need anyone’s help and walks into the kitchen with Pankaj and Adi. The family drama continues.

Satyakam returned to Mithi and Prakash to get Imli’s test result. Mithi said she would go alone. Satyam says he will always support Emily. Mithi says Imli can study because of her support. Gives credit to Satyakam etc.

Adi along with Tauji and Pankaj give curry rice to the family. Aparna said she is very spicy. Pankaj and Tauji blame others and ask them to report without cooking. Adi apologizes and says that he may have made a mistake.

Prep: Malini is seen mixing the vermilion box. Adi applies vermilion in tamarind hairline. Malini looked at Imli’s hairstyle and asked who planted her vermilion.

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