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The episode started with Ishq saying ok, I talk to Mayank, you go to silent mode, I will tell him that you don’t want our wedding to happen here. Ahan says it’s better that I go and talk to him. They argue. She said we would tell Mayank our point of view and he would make a decision. Grandma stops them. She remembers that Mayank told her grandmother to keep the wedding at her house, her father is not well, with the help of Ahan they can handle it, otherwise their father will be more upset. He pleads with her. The FB will end. Grandmother says that Mayank and Ishqi will get married from this house. Uncle says on the same day of Sonu and Raj’s wedding. Mayank says my parents and I will stay here until we get married. Ishqi gets angry. She says I’m really happy. She goes out thinking of the mess. Ahan comes and asks why you didn’t say. She imagines throwing him into the pool. She says I can’t tell Mayank and can’t bother him, his father is upset. Ahan says we have to follow some rules until we get here. Ishqi asked for a day pass or card swipe entry. He says you feel this joke, stay with the etiquette. They argue.

She says you are telling me to stay away from Sonu, 6 members of your family are right. She shows the family chart and says there is no my name, I am not part of your family, I do not need to follow your rules, your sister is not a child to be spoiled by me, she is an adult Remember Ishqi is very dangerous. Sonu and Raj come for lunch. She gets a message. She says Mayank and Ishq’s wedding will take place on the same day and in the same place, Karthik recently conveyed the message. He asks if I can talk to Ahan about Mayank. She said, no, okay. She thinks sorry, I can’t tell you that Mayank is trying to marry me. Ahan’s family met Sarla and on the same day, at the same place, told about Mayank and Ishqi’s wedding.

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