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No emphasis on love, written part 31 March 2021, written update on

I have low sugar, I have diabetes, I have been hungry since morning, Sarla told me to fast. Sonu says, eat, Sarla makes the rules, she is not your mother-in-law, she is making confectionery, go and take it. She says once I eat something with love, I will tell the truth. Grandmother and aunt moved and discussed the jokes. Ishqi talks to her mother and looks up at the sky. She says it would be okay if I ate a little, but Sarla told me to fast, she is big. She saw lightning in the clouds. She says if you allow me, I will get food.

She eats kachori. Ahan comes and says I know, what can I expect from a girl like you? She asks what you mean I won’t steal food. She jokes sarcastically. He says that Sarla told you to fast, you are eating here, you are really weird. She says you have nothing to do and just stare at me, do you want me to come to you and get permission? He says you do anything, take food, I don’t care. She said then go, feed me. He says we don’t value tradition, she’s the father, she’s right. She says even elders can be wrong.

He says that children should listen to their parents if they are right. He says that families break up because of girls like you, you don’t respect elders. They argue. Ishqi goes. Sonu asks, do you like Mayank, does he love you? Ishiki asks what you mean. Mayank sees. Sonu says you should know a lot about Mayank, I want to tell you about him. Mayank comes and tells you here, I was looking for you, Mom is asking if you need anything for awakening. Ishqi says no. He asks I came during the discussion. Ishqi goes to take the call. The fly says you didn’t take food and medicine, are you okay? Ishqi asks you don’t have time to think, I won’t let you stay with that man. Ahan gets there and switches on the fan. He sees Ishqi. Ahan said she’s still busy on the phone, impossible. Mayank asks Sonu if you wanted to tell her that I don’t love her, why didn’t you tell her, come on, we tell her as well as Ahan. Sonu worries.

He says your marriage will break up, I want this. Ahan and Karthik tell her to get ready for awakening. She goes. The awakening function begins. Raj Kautuk Sonu. He asked her to take the chocolate. She says no, your mother told me to fast. Ahan comes and appreciates her values. He says Sonu is perfect, on the other hand Ishqi is not worried about family values, I stopped her from eating. Sonu says she would love to eat because… they click selfies. Ishqi comes. Ahan looks at her. He says we’ll see if Grandma needs help. He smiled when he saw Mayank with Ishqi. Sarla asks how the Diamond Enclosures will come into the picture. Pammy says let us click separately. Sarla tells Ishqi to get fresh juice for her. Auntie says it looks weird, I’ll tell someone to take an interest in you, even Ishq’s work. Sarla jokes. Ishqi gets interested and says he has calories, your face light will go away, you will look dull in pictures. Sarla said, no, I will go and touch. Ishqi jokes on Sarla. They laugh. Ahan sees.

Bhola takes the juice from Ishki’s hand and leaves. Mayank’s parents bless Ishqi. They ask her uncle and aunt. Mayank says it wasn’t okay, he couldn’t come. Ahan says she’s weird, she didn’t get family, she had no value, she didn’t care, she called her mother, she was eating something. Ishqi turns to him. Karthik says that we always talk about her, she is not right.

Sonu worries and says I can’t ruin Ishqi’s life or break Ahan’s faith, what to do. Sarla gives chunari to Sonu and Ishqi. Aunty says I am Sonu’s mother. Sonu feels aunty’s move. Ishqi sees Ahan crying. Sarla tells Ishqi to call her mummy.

Ishqi and Ahan have a moment. Ishqi pushes a boy. Sarla asks Ishki to apologize.

Update credit to: Amena