Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Dadi wants Riddhima dead – Telly Updates

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The episode begins by saying that my iddhima can never lie to me or cheat on me. She says maybe you don’t know her, she’s far ahead of you, she can make your life and ruin it, you have to lose it, accept it, you can’t recognize your wife or you don’t know her. He shows her the gun and says you have seconds, tell me, where is iddhima? She says you are a fool, she is Riddhima, you are wrong, your wife will be lost forever. He says, your face is matched with Riddhima, so I am giving you one last chance. She says I feel bad for you.

They can hear some explosions. They go to see. The clan asks everyone where they are. Angre and everyone comes. Kiara asks what was the explosion? Ishani says welcome to VR mansion. Aryan asks are you okay? She says yes, but this smoke… dynasty tells Angre to open the windows and doors, to get the smoke out. He takes care of his grandmother. He asks his grandmother who did it. Idd Ddhima wonders where Sia is. She goes. The fickle enemy wants to kill us. Aryan says I will clean your face, it looks like there are black spots on the moon. Ishani says oh my god, how much time did you get for romance. Angre says someone sent the package, it had a smoke bomb in it, it was for Riddhima, it was for Sia. The clan asks where is Sia? Grandma says I told you the fire didn’t go up, it’s just a smoke bomb, a real bomb will be blown up tomorrow, are you waiting for it? Idd tells the Dhima clan to meet Sia. Anupriya tells the tribe to go. They all seem to hurt Sia. Chanchal said she is bleeding, I will get a help box. The clan takes Sia into the room. He tells her to relax, nothing will happen. She says a package came for Riddhima, I was taking it to her, it exploded. Riddhima asks for a package for me?

The clan sees her and goes. Vyom comes home. He says I’ve heard of explosions, everything is fine. Anupia said yes, come inside. Vyom asks Grandma if you’re okay. Grandma says yes, it looks like a bad house has broken into our house. Comes the lineage. Vyom hugs him. He asks are you okay, are you hurt? The tribe asks what are you doing here? Vyom says I have heard about the blast, you are fine bhabhi ji. Idd Ddhima says I’m fine, thank you. Vanash warns Vyom. He tells Vyom to go, he is still alive to take care of his family. Vyom hears this and asks Grandma, the clan is leaving him. Grandma says I’m glad to see you take care of this family, don’t go anywhere, have breakfast and then go. Chanchal says Sia is hurt. Vyom asks what happened. Anupriya said the bomb exploded while she was with him, she can’t walk anymore. Vyom says I should see her. He greets Riddhima and smiles. He goes upstairs and sees Kiara. Grandma says I don’t need to tell you again, who is doing this, Riddhima did it, it’s clear she doesn’t want to kill you, she wants to blacken your face. She complains about Riddhima.

He says I’m going to shoot her, but the bomb explodes. She says you killed that girl, she doesn’t deserve to live, no one dared to hurt our family, where did your love for Sia go? Vyom grabbed Sia. He admires her beauty. She says I just slipped, a bomb exploded and I was injured. He says don’t understand who Warsaw’s enemy is. She says I’m fine. He says some wounds start to hurt more from time to time, your feet are beautiful, don’t put them on the ground, your feet look so beautiful on these feet. She said thank you, I can speak. She stumbles again. He says I told you, we have a way. The clan says this is not my Riddhima, it is some duplicate. Grandma decides her plan, she did it to show that she is not Riddhima. He says I got the evidence, believe me.

Grandma is fine, she is not your Riddhima, why don’t you kill her. He says I can’t kill her, I have to find Riddhima first. Grandma says you can’t do anything, that girl cheated on you to find Riddhima, I can’t think my child is so stupid, I have to do something now. She calls someone. The way Sia asks. Vyom lifts her up and says I can’t see you in pain. He puts her to bed. She thanked him. He says, don’t thank me and don’t spoil that moment. She asks if you want to meet someone. He says maybe with a beautiful person like you, your smile is magic, no one will ask you for a date, right. She says no, I never went on any date. He says he’s loving, maybe God made this plan to meet us, I can be the first person to take you on a date, I’ll give you chocolates and flowers, no teddy bears, don’t refuse, my heart will break. Idddhima said Sia, you need rest. Vyom asks are you hurt too?

Don’t forget the date, says Vyom Sia. He goes Grandma says you will get her body tonight. Vanash says we won’t do it. Grandma says keep your voice down, forgetting who you are talking to. Aryan comes and greets them. Aryan says Grandma called me, hi Ddhima’s body will be in the swimming pool. She says yes, I should get that report. Aryan says now Vanshala knows what will happen. The dynasty stops Aryan and says we will not do that. Aryan says stop me if you meet. Aryan pushes him and closes the office door. Vansh shouts open the door. Arya says Bye Riddhima… The clan shouts and does not touch Riddhima. Me Ddhima asks how do you send me a smoke bomb? How grateful Vyom is, asks, I try to do anything good and people curse me.

She says you think it’s a good thing. He says I saved your life by sending that bomb. She asks how you don’t know. He says you forgot my name Vyom, zero, circle, now this circle has VR mansion. She says don’t forget that you did it for your own selfish gain. He says yes, I got used to you, go and get a black box. She says you think Vash will keep the job going. He says yes, I kept you alive to get the box. She says don’t make the same mistake again, Sia would have lost her life, it’s not part of our agreement. He says okay, get the deal done. He goes

Arya took Riddhima and tied her up. The tribe tried to break the bar. Aryan says first I will kill you and then I will destroy you. Angre says I don’t see if Arya went alone. The clan says Riddhima is not at home. Arya told Riddhima to run and shot her.

Update credit to: Amena