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Vandhi started the incident by seeing Riddhima’s photo and Riddhima’s return. He looks at her. She says I’m with you, why am I telling you I’m not your Riddhima. He asks what are you doing here? She said forget everything, we are old race and Riddhima, I have doubts about you in your eyes, why do you know me, I am your Riddhima, you always know your Rdhima. He smiled. He puts her down and kisses her. He says this hair, these eyes belong to my Riddhima, this face belongs to my Riddhima, I know these lips well. Ishq mein marjawan प्ले .play… She blew out the candle and went closer to kiss him. The dynasty woke up from a dream and Riddhima says… ..

The tribe went and saw her bound. He asks if you really are my idd dhima. He remembers her with a smile. He says you can’t be my Riddhima. He goes She got up and said, “She looks around.” Angre comes into the room. He sees the decoration. Ishani comes. He says wow, you look as beautiful as ever. She says it’s the best feeling to know that you are completely mine, this body, this face. He says we will try a little slower. She asks what you mean. He plays music. He says I want to dance slowly to the music. She says let’s do salsa. He says I didn’t mean to say salsa. She says we are young and hot. They become romantic. He says I want to see you in a saree. What she asks is, seriously, your outer shell belongs to the dog, to the man inside you, to an old man. He asks that we can’t talk about ordinary things like ordinary things, about your dreams, about my dreams. She jokes at him. She says it’s too boring. He says okay then, my life and dreams are boring for me, why don’t you keep these conversations another night, give me this night. He says let me think. She says the tiger is on you, don’t be afraid. She falls for him. He smiled.

Aryan says I saw Riddhima on CCTV footage, iddhima is alive, race can’t deceive me. Kiara says the clan is smarter than you, he’s like a magician. Aryan says you are falling in love with me. She says you can say praise. He says you are my GF, you stay in my house and admire the other. She says I’m not your GF, I’m just going my own way. Aryan gets a message… Riddhima is alive. He answers to ask how you know. That person demands Rs 2 crore. Aryan answers, Done, where is she? He walks away with a gun. Kiara is seen.

She goes to the tribe. Vanish closes the laptop screen. He asks how you got inside. She says I came from a book progressive way, I can find secret rooms, hiding places, people’s minds, hearts, you are hiding a big secret. He says everyone has secrets here. She says she looks bad when the secrets come out. He asks what you mean. She says that someone has reached out to your secret, he has gone to expose you.

Aryan comes to iddhima. Idd Ddhima says Good morning, Angre, look I didn’t run, I’m here. Aryan says pointing the gun and I can see it well, Riddhima Bhabhi, you have made a joke in front of the family. She said move the gun away. He says I saw you I’m alive, I couldn’t show Grandma, Vansh deleted the video, I was cheated, your pulse stopped Take, race can do anything, whatever he thinks, he’ll hide you here forever, have fun now, we’ll play a real game, I’ll take out your play, I’ll take your body and throw it at Grandma’s feet, I’ll shoot you. She said put the gun down. Angre arrives and says let go of the Aryan gun. Aryan says the bodyguard is also here, you think I would be scared to see your gun, now you will die too. Aryan says I don’t care, your time is up now. Angre says I will kill you.

Riddhima kicked Aryan. Angre caught Aryan. He told Riddhima to run. She called Angre. Angre tells her to run. Aryan pushes Angre and goes after her. He fires at her. He says the game is over, Riddhima Bhabhi. Angry at Aryan’s hand. Aryan dropped the gun. He says, don’t move, put your hand on your back, I said. He told Riddhima to run. Angre says Aryan, you don’t need courage. Aryan picked up his gun and fired at Angre. There is blood on her face. Riddhima Aryan is shouting… She takes Angre’s gun and shoots at Aryan. Aryan is hiding behind a tree. She says Angre nothing will happen, I’ll call Vansh. Angre says I told you, I will give my life for you if need be. She said, no, don’t close your eyes. He dies. Aryan R goes after Ddhima. He says everyone rejected me, how could they reject this video. He finds her. He says that once Grandma checked my video, I meet you. He shouts to Riddhimala. She panics and looks at him. He says, come out.

The clan says I know the secret of I hours. He gets Riddhima under the shower. Idd Dhima showed the gun to the tribe. Kabir shouts to Riddhimala.

Update credit to: Amena