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The episode begins when Vyadhi comes to meet Riddhima. She asks you, what are you doing here, how did you get here. She looks at the camera. Vyom asks how I got here. He shows the knife. He cuts the rope. She is scared. She gets up and asks what are you doing here? He says, I’m glad to see you, my heart stopped beating when I found out that Vashne killed you, I thought who will get the black box for me, Vansh did this drama to kill you, he saved you, maybe he saved Duplicate Riddhima, You can go now, if the tribe sees you with me, it will kill me too. She says I’m not going, the contract is not complete. He says there is nothing left now. Vamsa and Angre come there. She says I will get a black box, tie me up and then leave. Vyom says she is my baby doll. He left.

Vamsha and Angre saw Riddhima tied up. The dynasty signed Angre. Sia looks at the photo of Vyom and says that he looks very handsome, many girls like him, but he asked her the date. Ishani comes and says you were beating Vyom, so when will you plan to meet him? Sia says I didn’t think so. Ishani says I will help you meet, take it as a thank you as a gift, you advised me to express my feelings, I am advising you, telling your feelings, Angre and I are together, you take 360 ​​makeover. Ishani checks Sia’s clothes. She threw all her clothes on the floor and burned them. Sia asks why did you burn my clothes? Ishani says you have to burn old things to get new things, girl always comes after girl, I will give you a change, Vyom will come after you. Sia smiled.

Grandmothers are resting. Vyom comes to meet her. She asks how you dare to come here. He says calm down, I can come to see you anytime, I am like your son, if I don’t come, who will tell you that your family is gone. He swings on the chair. Grandma says wait. He says, think about what Vanash will do knowing the truth, what everyone will do, they will hate you. She stops. She doesn’t see him. She got up from her chair and fell to the ground. She fainted. Seeing the lineage in Riddhi. He asks who came. She says no one. He says you do a good job. He frees her from the ropes and says we’ll start the play again, tell me who came last time, who came. She says no one came last time. He pushed her and held her hand. He asks who you are rescuing, who has reached here, the cameras are disconnected when someone arrives here. If someone came to ask me why I am tied up here? He asks why you don’t turn on, the cameras don’t lie. She says then check yourself.

He says listen, don’t test my patience level, I know who has come, you know who has come, tell me. She says you know that no one can come to Riddhima without Vadhesh, your heart knows me, but your mind is not ready to agree. Angre comes and tells his grandmother about his health. He asks what happened to his grandmother. Angre says her health has deteriorated. The tribe says keep an eye on her. The clan goes to the grandmother and asks what happened. Grandma tells Anupriya and Chanchal to go out. Chanchal asks what she wants to say to the tribe. Let Anupriya say. She asked Varsha to take care of Dada. Grandma says I want to say something, close the door. Clan closes the door and comes. She says promise me, you will not misunderstand me. What he asks her is that the past never leaves anyone, मी She fell asleep while I was there. The tribe tells her to sleep. He goes

Ishani asks Sia to look at herself, Sia Rai Singhania, a beautiful girl of new age, is at Diva. Sia asks if this is me, I look different. Ishani says yes, you are completely ready to meet Vyom. Sia says he will misunderstand me. Ishani says that the world of love is waiting for you. Sia says I don’t know his address. She told him to get in the car of the dynasty, there are logs in the GPS of the dynasty, be brave and beautiful, don’t be afraid and fall in love Sia leaves.

The clan looked at Riddhima on the camera feed and said who was with you. He calls Angre and who says I’m calling you. Angre says I got the call. The family asks who called you. Angre says unknown number, so sorry, I didn’t recognize the sound. The clan says, well, be careful next time. He says I saw Kiara outside the secret door. He goes to meet Kiara.

She asked him to come inside. He looks at her room. He says I need to talk to you. She said look into my eyes and say, come inside. He gets her phone. He checks the log. She said return my phone, it’s not right. He puts down the phone and leaves. Sia and Ishani see the dynasty car. Ishani gives you some keys and speaks for you. Sia says I love it. She hugged Ishani. The tribe asks where are you going? Sia cares. Ishani says I will tell you, she is going with her friends. The tribe says stay calm. Sia asks, I can never go and meet anyone, I am not a little girl to get permission. He asks, where are you going, answer me.

Sia says I won’t say, you can’t rule all the time, you killed Riddhima, will you kill me too? The tribe says better than that you don’t talk about it, you won’t go anywhere. He takes her to his room and locks her. Sia says I hate you, I’ll do what I do, you can’t stop me like that. He goes to Ishani and says that no one will open the door. The dynasty goes to Angre. He says untie the rope and go home. Angre asks what are you going to do? Vanash told him to go home. Angre frees Riddhimala and goes. She asks for water. Vanash says you should drink this. She says that my lineage can never kill Riddhima, it is not poison. He says yes but you are not my Riddhima. She says I am Riddhima. He says, take this, prove it.

Idddhima said I will tell you where Riddhima is. She kissed the clan. Angre tells Grandma to see Riddhima. He says I know Riddhima is alive. The father asks Aryan is telling the truth. The clan says, she is alive.

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