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The episode begins with Kiara saying that I gave Vansh a black box. She remembers someone asking her to deliver a package. Someone has pushed her down in fear of an injection. She wonders what I have to do with the black box. Vanash checks the forest map. He says, I think Riddhima and I jumped down from this high cliff, I was lying unconscious here, we will find someone here, you will get a little hint. Angre asks if this is an imp than Riddhima, maybe she has a reason to hide this truth. The tribe says we have to find out what the cause is because it is going against the family. Angre is holding his hand. Vanash says, your hands are not right, let it be so, I will go. Angre says this secret is better than my wounds, I will go. He left.

Riddhima comes to her room. She doesn’t see the phone ringing. Chanchal says I have to go and check who is at the door. One person gets a parcel for delivery for Riddhima. He says I’ve been calling her since time immemorial. What I say is fickle, give it to me. She picks up the box and takes the check. She sees a diamond pendant. She is happy and leaves. Vyom Riddhima says goodbye to the diamond pendant. The servant says Chanchal has taken your parcel. Riddhima asks, she took my parcel, thank you. Try using the fickle diamond pendant. Riddhima comes and asks for the parcel. Chanchal says his pendant, I asked whose box it is, he said Mrs. Singhania, he did not say your name. She gives a cheap pendant. Hi Ddhima said I think it’s real, I ordered an imitation pendant, it looks very expensive, I think the shopkeeper made a mistake. Chanchal stops her and says I forgot to tell you, this is your pendant, I was trying, your pendant came in my box. Idd Dhima says it’s okay.

Ishani hit Riddhima. She says Sia is no longer small, she knows what to wear and where to go. Idd Dhima remembers Sia’s ear. She calls Sia and says I won’t ask where you’re coming from, you’re on a dangerous path, it could ruin your life. Sia says you don’t know where I went, don’t tell me if you don’t know, keep your lecture to yourself, I can ask you questions. Riddhima asks what happened to you. Ishani took Sia. She says excellent, don’t feel guilty.

Ishani surprised Angre by wearing a sari. He says wow, you look so beautiful, are you going somewhere? She says you will be hurt by what the tribe says. He says I will not take any risk. She says I am wearing this sari for you, you are not gong anywhere. He says I love you, thank you for wearing this sari for me, I have to go. She points a gun at herself and says decision, duty or ishani. He says relax, give back the gun, okay, both, I love you, but work is work, play with guns, it’s empty. What does she ask She throws the gun and says if anything happened to you you were carrying an empty gun. She hugged him. He says, don’t worry about me, I cheated to calm you down. He picks up the gun and says the gun is loaded. She hugs him and says I don’t want you to stay with the tribe, what will happen to me if something happens to you, he has become selfish, he only cares about idd dhima. He says he cares for everyone. She says you are my husband. He says I know my duty, relax. He packed his bag. The clan stops her by hitting Riddhima. Ishq Mein Marjawan. Games.

She asks why are you coming my way? He says not on purpose. She told him to go now. He says our paths are the same. She tells him to go, she will finish her work too. She kept smiling. Vamsa and Riddhima turn to look at each other. She said bye. She looks at Angre and says it has herbal tea in it, it will help heal your wound, take a break. He says I have some work to do. She says you won’t tell your boss about work, stay safe, go. Anupriya tells Vansha to talk to her grandmother, she doesn’t eat the meal properly. The clan says give me the tray, I’ll talk to her. Angre says sorry, I have no right to say if you don’t mind, you have loved so much, why are you doing this, you know the race and so much has happened between you, you have to understand that there is no one but family. As for the lineage, this family is not important to you, have you stopped loving the lineage? She says whenever love is true, the person lives and dies for love, I am doing this for love, go, good luck for your work. She goes.

The clan asks the father if she is fasting? Grandma says no, I make good meals. He asks her to eat, what is she worried about. She said nothing, our enemies are growing, I have told you that the hidden enemy is more dangerous than the known enemy, you beware. He says don’t worry, no danger can touch our family. She says my blessings are always with you. He hugs her and makes her juicy. Riddhima comes to open the lord. Vanash comes in and says you’re too attached to my office. What to do, she says, valuables are kept here. He asks what you are looking for. She says I got you already. He says so sweet, why are you looking for me safe? She says what a sweet, nice joke, I came to keep something. She shows the diamond pendant. He says beautiful. She says I bought it for myself on our anniversary. He says it looks expensive, wait, I’ll keep it. He opens and puts the safe. She sees the remote. He says I also remember the anniversary of the enemy, I will give you a precious gift. What does she ask He hugs her and says remember you. Angre comes from the forest. Vanash asks if this is not a valuable gift. She says a lot. They hugged.

Angre asks who is inside. Kabir shouts. Angre says there is a guard here. The clan says go to the door, I want to know who is inside. Riddhima dropped the dart and said with a bull’s eye.

Update credit to: Amena