Karan Patel and Nakuul Mehta oppose lockdown restrictions; says, ‘politicians can hold rallies with thousands of people but common man can’t go to work’ – Telly Updates

Due to the increase in Kovid-1 cases, the government had announced a partial lockdown in April, which will continue till April 0. In addition to the restrictions on weekends, there will be a complete ban on weekends. Television actors Karan Patel and Nakul Mehta have protested against the rules and taken to their respective social media accounts to express their views.

Karan shared, “Actors can shoot for their projects. Cricketers can play their matches day or night. Politicians can hold rallies with thousands of people. States can hold elections and you can expect to come out to vote but the common man cannot go to work. “

After reading the tweet about the rule of wearing a mask inside the car even when the driver is alone, Nakul Mehta also expressed his opinion. Nakaul responded to this tweet and wrote, “Political rallies – not necessary, Bollywood awards shows – no, religious gatherings – no, Kumbh Mela – Defoe but not alone in the car – YAAS !!!!!”

On the other hand, J.D., who is the chairman of the Board of Indian Film and Television Producers (IFTPC). “We stand by the government’s decision,” Majethia said. He shared that the TV show will be shooting on weekdays, not weekends. “Due to complete lockdown, TV shows, daily soap shooting will not take place on weekends. The production house has been informed as per the norms of the state government and accordingly they have started work on their scripts. They will manage this week and a lot of people will have a bank of episodes. We have to see how things go next week. We have to see the big picture, we were about to enter the second phase of the lockdown but it didn’t happen. ”