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The episode begins with Abhi thinking of shooting and thinking of shooting him when he is inside, otherwise he will probably order. Pandit Ji asks Ranbir to wear an engagement ring to Riya. Rhea smiled. Ranbi imagined Prachi standing instead of Riya and smiled. He imagines Prachi smiling too. Subhan Allah plays… .Abhi looks at Ranbir and Riya. He comes down. Ashok puts the gun on Abhi’s back and quietly tells him to come into the room otherwise he shoots him. Abhi says he is an alcoholic. Ashok asks are you crazy? He takes Abhila to his room. Abhi Alia remembers locking Aryan in the room. He pushes Ashok into the bathroom and locks him up, saying he will win the game. Ashok thought he would be caught. Abhi enters the room where Aryan is locked and opens the door. Pallavi asked Ranbir to put the ring on Riya. Rhea asks her friend, what if Perth came? Ranbir tells Prachi that she loves Parth. The ring fell from his hand. Abhi comes and takes it in hand. Alia says the brothers are intoxicated by the guests looking at him. Ranbir makes a flower ring out of a bouquet and gives it to Abhila. He says the ring on his hand is attached to Rhea. Abhi goes. Tanu asked Mithali to see where Gayatri was and why she was not taking care of him. Abhi removes the veil and says Mowgli. He holds it and swings it. Everyone is stunned and gets up from their seats. Ashok called Marek calls and told him that he could not be killed under the influence of alcohol and when he was brought into the room he locked me in the play room. The killer says maybe he’s drunk if he didn’t lock you in the bathroom, he’s acting and says he’s coming there to kill him.

Abhi grabbed the decorative curtain cloth and greeted Ranbir, Riya and others in shock. Alia asks Mithali where is Gayatri? Abhi kicks the decorative object and manages to get it down. Grandma asks him to come to her, asking what this childish thing is. Alia tells Tanu and Mithali to clean up the mess and Abhi picks them up. Wisdom comes there. Mithali tells her that Abhi was like Mowgli. Alia has pushed Abhila into the room and Rod has beaten her. Ranbir grabbed it and threw it away. Alia asks how dare you? Ranbir says, if you raise your hand to the Chief Minister, I will always stand in front of him. She tells him not to go overboard. Ranbir told her not to cross her limits and who beats her brother like that? Alia said that this is not your business. He says this is my business, I should intervene because Kohli will always be my business partner. Alia says this is my home. Ranbir says I am going to be the daughter-in-law of the house and if I am not made then I am also standing with the chief. Alia says the brothers are physically weak. Ranbir says, it will be better if you talk to him well. Alia said I know how to handle him. Ranbir says if you know, his nature is not like that. He says this party is no more important than the chiefs and this house says, me and everyone is the chief. He says if the chief can’t enjoy, the party will be closed. He tells Abhila that he loves her very much and will not let anyone touch him. He says you can play with anyone and if someone touches him I won’t tolerate it. Alia says this is my home. Ranbir says that this is my chief and promises that if she raises her hand, he will take her somewhere and no one will know. Rhea comes over and asks what’s going on? Ranbir says your booze sir was beating. Abhi cries and says that Alia was beating me. Rhea says he’s lying. Ranbir says she is playing your sweet role, I have seen her truth. Alia warned Ranbir not to do it again and left. Ranbir got angry. Rhea said she’s my boozy. Ranbir says he is your father. Rhea said she was embarrassed by him. Ranbir angrily grabbed her hand. Alia comes out and sees Gayatri / Pragya. She teases her and says I raised my hand today because of you. She was hanging like a mogul and would have been hurt if the cloth had been torn, she says. Wisdom shouts and says you wouldn’t have put your hand on him.

The actor told Ranbir not to hurt Riya. Ranbir says I will not hurt her, I will talk to her. He takes her to another room. Abhi looks at the balloon and is delighted. Rhea doesn’t tell him to do it again. Ranbir asks Riya how cheap she is, she doesn’t see a girl like that and says how can he understand that you are ashamed of him. He recounts childhood moments and says that the chief never said you were ashamed of him, and when he became like a child, he became a patch for you. He says he didn’t say you’re embarrassed for him and asks how can you say that? He asks what’s wrong with you if you can’t love him, at least support him. He says I was telling the truth that he was beating Alia and I stopped him. Rhea says it’s nice, Dad doesn’t beat up anymore. She tells him to listen and asks what he did if his father was in this state. She says you would have done the same. Ranbir says I am not like you so I would not have done like you. He says I would have treated him well and interacted with him as Gayatri was doing. He says whenever you lose, the chief cancels all your meetings and finds you and takes care of you. He says you know very well how you would have been if you hadn’t taken care of it. He says how much brain you need to understand that he is sick. He says I don’t know if I love him, but I understand that I won’t hurt him. He says it will be okay if you talk to him properly. He just tells her to be a good girl and goes. Alia asks Gayatri, how dare you? She says I brought my brother here, otherwise he would have sent me for mental asylum. Pragya said she would treat him and tell him not to lay hands on her. Alia gives her a period of one month and says if you can treat him I will double your sari and if not then no one can save you. Pragya thinks she is Abhi’s wife and will treat her.

Prep: Actor Ranbir insists on Prachi wearing a ring. Ranbir makes Prachi wear a ring. Prachi became emotional while watching Abhi.

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