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Tanu is getting ready for the wedding, she wonders why Alia didn’t come to pick her up and when she says that she will leave on her own, when Ranbir enters the room she should tell Alia to stay at home. Comes and apologizes for letting her know that she feels magic, she looks in the mirror saying she may be fine but feels better, he has secretly poured her alcohol, once again apologizes that she gave him a hand because he didn’t finish his water. Glass, she then drinks water and thanks him he leaves, Tanu is upset because she wanted to thank Ranbir but he left.

Alia yelled at Geeteri that she was ordered to remove her burqa, but she refused saying that she would not lift her burqa under any circumstances, Alia ordered her to leave the house, Gayatri was worried, she begged Alia not to remove her. She is not listening after which Gayatri was forced to take sides for her family but it had no effect on Alia, Gayatri told her she was angry and should think about Abhi because no one on her side can control him, Alia explained that she is only listening last time They go upstairs to her and in a fit of rage.

Ranbir comes down, Pragya wonders what is going on with her plan, asks what she did, he says he mixed some sleeping pills in her water so she will fall asleep and they will not get married while she is asleep, Preeta asks if their plan He asks if it will work for him but if he has experience that he has too much experience then he should leave or else he will feel suspicious.

Alia enters the room while calling Tanu, she realizes that she can’t say that Tanu is lying on the sofa, Tanu was waiting for her, Alia thinks she is drunk but Tanu doesn’t say that she didn’t drink anything, Alia angrily refuses her Ordered to stop giving and she thinks she thinks that after marriage some of her stress will end and Abhi will get him to sign the power of attorney but she is drunk, Tanu says again and again that she is without alcohol, Alia needs her to get well Forced to stand, she says that’s why she called him a lawyer as a witness to the marriage.
Alia brings Tanu down, Pragya asks Ranbir as she is worried because she was not coming because Ranbir says that his mother usually suffers from a bullet so he can’t understand, Pragya mentions that she doesn’t recognize Tanu because nothing affects her easily.

Asking Alia if she is under the influence of Tanu, the lawyer gets worried, but Alia says there is no need to worry, she comes to the lawyer and then he says that there is pressure, so the lawyer asks her if she remembers getting married? , Alia explains that she was sitting in the tent before the lights went off.

Tanu is sitting in the pavilion with Abhi and when Ranbir realizes that he has broken the fuse, he decides to catch it, he fixes the fuse but nothing happens, then he realizes that he has also cut the stars. , He accidentally puts the wire in the wrong circuit and so many sparks arise and fire breaks out, soon it engulfs the whole house, everyone gets scared, Tanula is not even able to stand up so he is forced to sit on a chair. .

Abhi stood in the tent and got scared and could not move, Pragya tried to calm him down, Riya tried to help her father but Gayatri sent her a message but she did not move, Alia refused hearing her desire for Abhi’s help. , Alia clarified that she should not take care of him as Gayatri can take care of him, Ranbir also comes and tells Abhila to run away but Ranbir along with his father and the house servants tried him. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Alia is standing there telling her how to get a lawyer, with an angry face she turned to find the lawyer standing behind her, she was upset, he exclaimed that she understood what she was trying to do, Alia sends everyone to their room, He destroys the power of attorney documents, before leaving, Alia runs after her, he should hear the plea but the lawyer does not stop.

Tanu is sitting when Gayatri arrives, she mentions that she can’t understand what Abhi’s problem is because he said that she will not get married today and will get married the next day, she also asks Gayatri what she has, Tanu will stand by her, when Pragya grabbed her but when she recognized Tanu, she mentioned that Pragya had put her on the floor now.

Ranbir came downstairs explaining to Gayatri that the actor is locked in the room but he is asleep, seeing that Alia is coming to them, she immediately hid her face.

Alia stands by thanking Gayatri for Abhi’s help because she was hurt that she would not have been able to bear it if she was not with Abhi, Gayatri says she can’t lift Tanu, Alia tells her to take care, because she will take care of her While walking, he sees Alia trying for power of attorney.

Tanu gets really dizzy when Alia enters the room in the morning, when she is told that she has finally woken up and has no problem because she only cares about money, when she thinks that Tanu really loves her brother, but Tanu tries to explain But Alia doesn’t hear the accusation that whenever she involves Tanu in her plan she always fails, Alia explains that Gayatri is better than her because she saved her brother, Tanu reveals that it is Pragya who takes her anger.

Alia and Tanu ask about Gayatri, the worker says she is with Abhishek, they both enter the room to find Mithali bhabhi, Alia asks about Gayatri, she answers that Gayatri took Abhila to the ice cream park Asking what the meaning is, Tanu asks if she understands that Gayatri is actually wisdom but she realizes that she has seen wisdom.

Pragya is with Abhi who is eating ice cream and holding the other hand, she sat him down and asked him what are you doing, he explained that there is a competition of sunlight that he can eat ice cream quickly? He melts, asks her if she wants something and then offers to buy her a new one but she says she would love to eat ice cream, he gives her ice cream when he refuses at first, she asks why he doesn’t eat another, he explains Lets say it’s a challenge, so she hands him his ice cream, Wisdom recognizing that the biker who stopped was the same man who tried to kill him.

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