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Grandma puts Bitto down and orders him to play Holi with Mahesh, Suresh says I don’t like him because he doesn’t like it, Pammi also says that’s what he says but he doesn’t listen then don’t ask Grandma Pammi spoil her show and play Holi.

The nurse sees the movement in Mahesh’s eyes and immediately informs them, Suresh and Dadi see him immediately but the doctors can’t see his movement, don’t worry Suresh Dadi because Mahesh will be fine so Mahesh grunts and says Grandma, they both start crying He asks when he came, he explained how he couldn’t reach when his elder brother got in trouble, Pammy is also relieved and advised to call Rakhi but she is worried that it will be her so she called Rakhi that she is in trouble The giver is back, Mahesh regains consciousness while running to call Suresh Karan and everyone else, he informs Charlene too but she is really worried.

Preeta challenges Astha to stop because she suggests a challenge, Astha says she is going to find her husband Hemand, Preeta asks what it is and if she is really happy after marriage, Astha explains that she now has two grandchildren in her life, she is also a mother and wife But it seems that there was no romance between the two and they are still arguing but there is no spark between them yet, they both look at Kritika and when Kareena arrives, Preeta explains that they are looking for the earth that is challenging her in the guest room. Asking to go while controlling both of them, Ashta greets Kritika and Kareena while exploring the earth, she recalls. They both come into the hall with her but Kareena is adamant on talking to Earth, but Asthana behaves as if her leg is injured so Kareena was also forced to help her.

Preeta arrives in the guest room where she tells Prithvi that she is fine now because she has come into the room after Glamor arrives, asking if Karan is ready to challenge while Sameer is the referee while Srithi will be the witness, Prithvi said. He doesn’t accept it because they are all on the same side and Astha doesn’t exist so his mobile will be the proof they want, then he starts recording, when Preeta and Shrishti realize in glasses they both start drinking and put a box under Karan’s chair which is yours Can pour the glass of cannabis into the bin, then while the earth was winning, Karan tried to tell the drunk to fast, the earth also started drinking quickly and finally won the competition, the earth began to exclaim. He has won the tournament and now Karan should compliment him on his victory because he doesn’t have the feeling to play on earth, then the earth gets dizzy and he starts going to the bathroom.

Charlene struggles to find Earth, but can’t find it, she interrupts Mahira because what she asks is really stressful, Sherlyn explains that she’s worried because Mahesh Luthra has regained consciousness, Mahira is scared to ask? She tells Earth, Charlene replies that she is constantly looking for him but she can’t find him, Mahira wonders what will happen to her because if Mahesh realizes that he has thrown her down from the airs, she will be there.

Pleased to see Karan, Shruti and Sameer seeing that their plan will now be fulfilled, Preeta explains that now the earth is really affected and the truth will be revealed so they will know the truth, they are talking, Suresh is coming. Revealing that Mahesh has come out of coma, everyone rushed to meet him.

Rakhi entered the room and her excitement could not control her tears, she is sitting next to Mahesh and she should not cry now asking what happened because Karan has also entered and everyone is following, Karan immediately hugged him. The father mentioned that he was really happy to see that he finally woke up, Mahesh explains that there is no need to worry about waking up after sleeping at night, Karan said that he was wrong because he was in the wrong coma. Many times, Mahesh sees Preeta and asks her to come to him and ask if she is married, Rakhi says she is really married, Mahesh asks about her new husband, so it is revealed that Rakhi is married to Karan, Preeta takes his blessing, he Reveals that he is really happy because he had a dream that Preeta will be his daughter-in-law, he asks if Sameer and Srishti are also married, everyone is shocked, Kareena asks what they are talking about because it is not happening, m. Ahesh says it was just a thought.

Mahesh asks Sameer to come closer and then hugs him saying what will happen to anyone if his young children are with him, Mahesh asks about Kritika, Karan says I call her but Mahesh tells him to sit down because he has been awake for a long time and wants to see them all Yes, Preeta and the whole family are happy, Suresh asks Pammi to ask how happy the family is and in the past he was not very happy because his elder brother is fine now, they see that the whole family is smiling.

Charlene enters the room asking where on earth she is looking, when the earth came back she is standing, she immediately asked where he was because they had been looking for him for a long time, Mahira had also entered and was really worried, Sherlyn revealed Mahesh out of coma Coming and now asking them what to do, when Prithvi starts singing a song, Charlene asks Mahesh to calm down, Mahesh comes out of the coma, Prithvi mentions that this is not possible because Mahira was the one throwing. Getting him down from his feet, Mahira tells him to be careful while asking her, when she sees Shitalin and Prithvi on the bed, Preeta comes in the room looking for him , Asthane took the medicine after taking the syringe, both Charlene and Mahira asked her what happened to her, why was the stopping price, Asthane asked HVV to tell the truth Sherlyn says she has nothing to worry about because he is going to be the daughter-in-law of the family and he is drunk They are taking care of her as she has to, she throws the bone out. Room and then worry about what they will do now.

Prepp: Grandma is happy, she asks Preeta to see if her son is running, Asthane advises Preeta to take care of her family because there are some members on earth and trying to hurt the whole family, Sherlyn explains that the faces of each guest The colors are covered so that they go near Mahesh Luthra and kill him during the event.

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