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The inspector is standing at home with all his work, the female inspector asks the constable if he has been working with ACP Vijay for a long time and he should know why ACP is like that, Kareena offers him a seat, but he refuses, the constable mentions that he And he doesn’t care about their property and everyone thinks the same in the eyes of the law so Karan has something in front of him and shouldn’t be able to avoid the eyes of the law by thinking about his money.

The whole Luthra is down with Earth who tried to get to ACP but as soon as his name stops he turns back, Rakhi explains that his whole family has arrived, and the only person left is the mother who can’t come because of her injury. .

Asked what happened and why he is here, Kareena mentions that there is an ACP who helps Mahesh in the property case, Karan clarified that he cannot forget him but it seems that he did not come because of friendship, the ACP clarified. Karan is right because he has come to tell them that Akshay was killed in a hotel room.

The whole Luthra family is shocked to hear this news, Pammi asked the name of the only person who will marry Akshay, ACP mentioned that they have doubts about their family and none of them had been in touch with Akshay before. For a week or a month, Kritika along with Karan, Preeta and Prithvi will all wonder who killed Akshay.

ACP saw that Kritika is really nervous so she went to her and demanded to tell her the truth because she knows she is in touch with Akshay, Kareena got angry by asking him what he is asking, because Akshay has left her in the tent, so she has nothing. The reason for contacting him and the fact that she has moved on in her life so he could not kill her, Rakhi tries to calm down by asking Kareena what she is saying because the inspector never said she killed him, the ACP says there is nothing to worry about. Because this is a mother’s tendency because she will not believe that her daughter has committed this murder till such proof comes and she understands that Kritika cannot kill Akshay because she is the kind of girl who will share any incident with him. The whole family was promised to keep this secret and if it was a murder, at least one member of the family would have known and he would have read it from their mouths but the real killer is someone else who just has to find the person

ACP walked along the side of the earth whose hands were shaking with fear, ACP turned to him and he dropped the cup and started shaking, then he promised to clean it but Rakhi stopped him who told him to tell the servants to clean, ACP then starts walking around the earth While advising Rakhi Ganesh to clean the stain, the female constable mentioned that Saran made a complete circle on which the constables say that this is what they suspect on earth.

The ACP then asked for Rakhi’s leave as they re-investigated as they have just started the investigation, and he will come back but then Karan and Preeta went to her and asked why she hated Akshay so much. The voice clarified that he was not the right choice for Kritika, he again advised her to tell the truth, Karan said that she has told the truth but the inspector warns him that he asked Preeta and her he is well educated and can speak for himself as he is a physiotherapist, so He should not speak.

The observer then introduces a circle of the two and explains that he has got his answers and should have kept an eye on the person on the Holi function. He also asked if they had prepared a dish for the ceremony. Celebrate Holi with full enthusiasm and fervor.

Suresh tells them not to worry because it is just a preliminary investigation and they can’t prove anything against the Luthra family so they should sleep.

Kritika is in the balcony and her heart is crying outside, she remembers that Preeta had brought the luggage and asked her to destroy it, Preeta also came to her, Kritika immediately hugged her as they met Akshay and now they are dead. Kritika hugs her while crying, assuring her that there is no need to worry about not going inside the hotel and that she will have to deal with everything so that the police do not let anything happen if they find any evidence.

Earth drank water in the kitchen and called out that he didn’t kill her, Sherlyn came into the kitchen, he says again that he didn’t kill her, she questioned the truth, he saw me changing and coming out the window. Clothing is the real reason but the earth is constantly saying that it did not kill anyone. Mahira escapes after hearing their conversation through the door.

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