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Kundli Bhagya 8 April 2021 Written part, written update on teleupdates.com

Sherlyn and Prithvi walked to their room, Preeta came out of the staff room and she stopped asking a waiter about the CTTV room, but he apologized saying he had to ask the manager, Kritika came out with a sari telling her to show it to the waiter. All because she needs to check if the operations are going smoothly, Kritika asks him why she is coming as he is worried about Preeta.

Sherlyn stands in the hall and tells Earth to come out, he is a woman, mentions that she is in love, she tells him to act like this because the footage of the last three days had to be deleted, Earth asked her. While waiting and asking what she should wear, Sherlyn mentions that no one is following her as she will stop in the hall.

Preeti and Kritika walk with the waiter when they think something is wrong so he should take them to the manager’s office, he moves to the front of the CCTV room, they both stop but he tells him to back off, Preeta and Kritika wonder if they suspect their plan , Preeta tells Kritika to follow the waiter while she follows the waiter.

Earth explains that the operator will give him something, asks him what he wants from you, Earth explains that he wants to delete the camera footage of the last three days but the operator asks her if she thinks you will take a bribe. Because she is not such a person and will never take a bribe, he is sure that she has something to do with Akshay’s murder and that is why she is trying to bribe him, he presses the alarm which rings throughout the hotel, the police fear that the killer may be in the room before them As soon as they arrive, they start running. Charlene is worried because he thinks he can catch the earth. He knocks on the door. The operator opens it. Preeta is standing in a burqa. He asks when the police hide his face. And she runs out the window, Preeta sits down but is surprised because there is no footage, the police enter the room but are worried, they find out about the clothes of the two women and by identifying them they explain that they are both covering their faces, the waiter comes to tell them about Preeta and Kritika, The inspector orders the constable to inspect every door of the hotel.

Sherlyn pulls him while the earth is running, Preeta is also running When Kritika meets her, Preeta says that someone from the last three days has already deleted the footage and they have done the work, Kritika then mentions to leave because it is really dangerous, Kritika is walking While he was looking at Sherlyn, he informed her that he had seen her, but Preeta dragged her away, telling her to talk about it later. The inspector orders his men to find the hotel.

Kritika explains that if she had seen Sherlyn, she would have seen her too, concluding that she had something to do with Akshay’s murder, Preeta tells her that if anyone asks her about the day Akshay was killed, she should refuse even when she comes to the office, sure she came to the hotel Don’t tell the truth though, Preeta makes it clear that she wants her name not to come up otherwise a really bad situation will arise, Kritika said, what Preeta is saying is that if she accepts it they will make her a partner, if Akshay dies due to her revenge She doesn’t know that they don’t know her but she can’t accept anything, Kritika mentions that she has killed Akshay because of her videos so don’t worry. , Preeta tells her never to tell the truth to anyone because if they find out that she has killed Akshay, the reason will also come to the fore.

Kritika hugs Preeta who tells her never to tell the truth and only tells her what she is told, why does Kritika ask her why she will be called police for Akshay’s murder, Kritika explains that she has seen Sherlyn, Preeta mentions her mistake Maybe, Kritika is sure that Preeta gives an explanation that she has a plan and if she goes back to their house using shortcuts to see if she is Charlene, will their suspicion prove true?

Sherlyn is walking with Earth, she says he shouldn’t worry because she has asked for a reception and the police have left, Charlene later clarified that she saw Kritika in the hotel but Prithvi clarified that it is her fault that Kritika is in Luthra mansion. , He says she shouldn’t worry because they’ve deleted the footage.

ACP Bandra angrily asked why they called him because he was going to kill his friend, he was worried that his friend had painted so strongly that they would not come out so if he could not remove it he would definitely kill him.

While the ACP was on his way to his office, a man was waiting for him, explaining that he was working as a cleaner at the hotel where Akshay died and working night shifts, he saw two people who had come to meet him but did not stay at the hotel. , Asks the ACP constable to show the photo When the worker points to a photo he mentions that the person is also a suspect so they will now play a special Holi with them.

Kritika asks Preeta if she finds her, they both reveal that Sherlyn is sure she is not in the house, Kritika is sure that there will be Ion after the hotel because she is sure they go to check the kitchen which is the last place, they don’t even see her turn but come from the neighbor Sherlyn asks if the two of them are looking for her which surprises these two.

Prep: ACP exclaims that there is a murder and the killer is in the house, he orders a constable to remove the handcuffs as there will be arrest, Preeta asks Mahira what happened to her challenge because she promised to ruin their relationship with Karan but they are still together And always the couple stays, ACP asks Kritika where she was between the last six and seven, in her frightened car she said, ACP is suspicious.

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