Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shubhra to start a new job – Telly Updates

Katti Batti in Kyun Rishtan 8 April 2021 Written part, written update on

Scene 1
Shubhra is of the opinion that I have to do everything myself. Says Shi says Ai is your first job. How do you manage this? She says I became a mother for the first time with you. If I can be a mother I can do anything. He says you got 100% in that job. You are the best mother

Chandrani says Roly walks out of the washroom. She says Dad I’m here. Check out my dress. Everyone laughs at her. Sameera says I will make you from tomorrow. Her dress is upside down. This style is also good, says Roly. She says Dad call me Mama. Kuldeep calls Shubhra. She picks up, she’s Kuldeep. He says how is shi? Shubhra says he is happy. Says Shi says Papa give the phone to Roly. Roly says Mama look at my dress. I look great don’t I? Says Shi says we are preparing the mother’s resume. Roly said send a photo of Mama. Chandrani says we all remember you. Kuldeep speaks happily to those three. The phone drops. Kuldeep says there is no network. Roly says goodbye to all the great mama.

Scene 2
Wives come to Shubhra’s place. She says poor, you are alone. Shubhra says we are independent and I am not alone. Me Shi is with me. Varsha says what is your plan? Ashi says she will do a job. I started her again. She has to take care of her children. Women cannot live alone. People look down on you. Shubhra said that the women working in our place are not small. They are more independent than us. Sita fought alone. Being alone is not weak. Dependence is weak. We are strong when we want to do something. Varsha says we were happy that you went to your husband but your family was 1/2. Shubhra says can you eat a whole pakora plate or should I make it 1/2? Varsha says who bought this house? Shubhra is the mother of my new husband. I have her support. She was alone there so I left Roly with her. Varsha said that now Ishi and Roly can’t meet each other. They are separated for life. Anger shi goes away in anger. Shubhra said do you have any etiquette not to make fun of children? They go away.

Says Shi says everyone keeps saying Roly and I split up. Please call Roly. Shubhra says don’t be so crazy. Let’s have dinner. Says Shi says sorry mom. I can’t stand it all. Roly and I can never be apart. Shubhra bothered him with ice. She says your anger will go with it. They both play. Says Shi says you have become like Rolly. Don’t lose her, she says. She laughed. Says Shi says I open the door.

Sheen opened the door. Madhura comes inside. Says Shi is called Aa G. For the first time, she says, I did not fight or hide from your father to come here. He gave me my purse himself. Says Shi says now you are with me and Grandma is with Roly.

Scene 3
Samira comes to Roly at night and kisses her on the head. She picks her up. Chandrani and Roly are asleep. Samira takes her out .. Shubhra wakes up worried about Roly. Shubhra calls Chandrani but she is asleep. Shubhra says to Madhura I am really worried about Roly. Madhura said she is fine. Shubra says don’t be afraid. You have to be strong. Shubhra calls Chandrani again. She looks at the phone. Chandrani says Shubhra .. calls her back. Shubhra says sorry for calling you late. I had a nightmare related to Rolly. Is she ok Chandrani said she is here with me. She turned around but Roly was not there. Chandrani is shocked. Chandrani spoke Roly .. Shubhra is worried.

Episode ended.

Update credit to: Atiba