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Kyun Utha Dil Chod Aaye 26 March 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode starts with Amrit and Vashma Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna… .. and dancing. Randhir got the key to the cage and went to help Uday. He goes to unlock the cage. He is caught. Farooq grabbed Amrit and Vashma. Farooq says I can kill Uday’s son in your stomach. Amrit and Uday shout. Farooq threw Vashma to the ground. She is in pain. Randhir met Abrar. Abrar says I didn’t tell Farooq about you, I know it’s not your fault, listen to me Randhir, just go to Farooq, tell the truth and apologize, get out of here, understand.

Randhir says, save Vashma’s life more than me. Farooq’s mother said that Vashma is in labor, she will give birth to a baby. Uday shouts. Farooq says I am also waiting for the baby. Randhir went to Abrar and asked him to save his sisters. He tells him a story of a child’s childhood. He says, you know who that brother was, Abrar Beg, you saved Amrut and Vashma, you can never kill your goodness, some people tried to change your thinking, you have a good blood line, your father saves lives, How can you kill someone. Abrar cries and walks away. Someone shouts nectar to Iqbal. Farooq threatens. Amrit takes a sword and tells Farooq not to come near. She said take Vashma inside. Uday grabbed Farooq’s mother and threatened her. I would like water and a blanket. Farooq’s mother told Farooq to stop.

Farooq says your baby will not come into this world. Uday says I will break your mother’s hand. Farooq tells Abrar to go inside and kill the baby. Abrar asked Amrit to open the door. Farooq was freed by his mother. Amrit tells Vashma to tell him. Abrar asked Amrit to open the door. Uday says if you hurt my baby and Vashma I will destroy you. Abrar tells him to stop, he knows what he is doing. Abrar asked Amru to open the door. Amrut thinks that after a long time Abrar is calling me Amru. She remembers their childhood.

Farooq asks what are you doing, go and kill them. Abrar says this bottle is poisonous, I will not let the baby watch the sunrise. Farooq smiled. Uday is shocked. The nectar goes and opens the door. He closes the door. Farooq says if anyone comes out, hit them. Abrar cried when he saw his sisters. He apologizes to them. He says that because of Randhir, I have seen the lost Abrar in myself, I feel bad that I have supported that cheap man. Amrit says you don’t have to apologize, you called me Amru, my brother came back. He says I was afraid you would believe me and open the door. She says you gave me this name as a child, you called me Amru after a long time, how can I not believe you. Abrar and Amrit help Washam to give birth.

Everyone hears the baby crying. Uday and Randhir are happy. Farooq smiled. Amrut comforts the baby and says I am also your aunt and uncle. Amrit cries out to Vashma… she is running outside crying. She yells at Farooq. She grabs your collar and says you are so stupid, you have been beaten by Vashma and baby Abrar, I will not leave you. Uday asks tell me what happened. Amrit shouts and says you have a son. Uday asks what you mean. She says he told Abrar to kill Vashma and her son. Uday shuddered and cried. Men wear washes. Abrar gets a baby. He smiled. Uday cries. Abrar says the work is done. Uday hit Farooq. Farooq smiled. “I wanted to show that our relationship with society is more than just a blood relationship,” he says. Abrar asked Uday to see his dead baby for the last time. Uday cries.

Abrar says you are responsible for the death of this baby, if it is Farooq’s child, he is alive. He laughs. Farooq says, take care of yourself, take the corpse and throw it in the box. Amrit says I urge you to bury them with respect. Farooq says she had an unfamiliar child, she can’t get respect, this child was his bad blood, I will throw him in the bin. Abrar goes. The nectar caught again. Uday cries. Farooq threw Vashma and the baby in the trash. He says now we will kill Uday. They go back. They see the cage empty. Farooq asked where did he go? He asks Abrar. Vashma is alive. She looks at her baby. Rise comes there. He hugged Vashma and her baby. Amrit smiled.

There was a quarrel between Randhir and Farooq. Randhir told his men to burn down the house. Nectar anxiety.

Update credit to: Amena