Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir and Amrit’s happy moment – Telly Updates

Kyun Utha Dil Chod Aaye 30 March 2021 Written Part, Written Update on

Amrit started the episode by asking people about Randhir and finding out about him. She hears his voice and turns. She woke up. Vashma and Radha smile. Vashma says you woke up after many days. Amrit asks where is Randhir? Radha says we are at Iqbal’s house, he saved your life. Amrit cries. Uday comes and asks are you okay? Amrit says yes. She takes the baby. Abrar comes and meets her. Amrit says I know where Kabir will not be, where he is
Randhir. She goes to meet Randhir. Randhir and Amrit look at each other and smile. Randhir says that for your happiness I promised to complete these photos. Uday says that he has been doing this work for 1 day. Radha says I didn’t know who could be loved so much. Amrit hugs Randhir. Amrit was happy to see her family picture.

She sees her house burning and crying. Vashma and Radha also cry. Uday says that whatever happened was bad, we have to go ahead and think about how to cross the border, Iqbal doesn’t know how he managed to hide us here. Amrit cries. She said not all people know what they lost in the riots. Radha says I don’t like home or place, but I feel bad for leaving here, how would you feel. Amrit says I know the feelings of mom and dad, they thought it was better to leave. Vashma says forgive me, Farooq came into your life because of me. She cries Randhir and Uday disguise themselves as women. They make girls happy.

Amrit says our smile and joy is not lost. Radha says yes, we cannot let their sacrifice go in vain. We have to learn to live and be happy, says Vashma. Randhir rightly says, we will go and make a fresh start. Amrit says we will find some way. Uday says we will never lose. Randhir promises them. They get to hear the news on the radio about the people who died in the riots. They worry when men come to check on the house. The man asks about the crying baby. Abrar lies to the man and closes the door. He warns Randhir and everyone. He tells them to rest tomorrow. Radha asks how we get into this situation. Iqbal comes and asks if everything is fine, I spoke to an officer, he said he will send you all from the army truck. Randhir thanked. Iqbal gives some money and jewelery. He says you have to go to another country and start a new life.

Amrut says no, we can’t take this. He asks if Lala gave you this money, will you refuse? She takes the money and hugs him. He blesses her. She says I will not deny it now. Iqbal says, tomorrow my two daughters are going, Vashma, something went wrong with Amrit, you know her well, tell me, what will I give her? Amrit sees Randhir.

Early in the morning, Iqbal says this is a gift for you, we are engaging you and Uday, his nectar advice. Vashma and Uday smile. Zubeda says we can’t send you like that, that’s all. There was an exchange between Uday and Vashma. Everyone claps. Farooq’s mother is on her way with some goons. Everyone dances. Someone threw a stone at the house. Iqbal sees some people searching for Amrit’s family. He tells everyone to go and hide. Farooq’s mother comes with the goons. She tells the goons to find everyone. Iqbal says there is no one here. She scolded him for supporting their enemies. She says we will burn this house.

Amrit says we can get out of here, we have to get out of this mess. The goons prevented Abrar from taking the trunk.

Update credit to: Amena