Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit awaits Randhir – Telly Updates

Kyun Utha Dil Chod Aaye 5 April 2021 Written Part, Written Update on

The episode was started by Amrut starts years and months in which we have been living in India, we missed Lahore, I am waiting for Randhir, he promised me that he will come. She goes to ask about the letter. The postman says there is no letter. Bhanu says you are waiting for Vashma and Randhir’s letter, they will not come. She says I will not lose hope. Amrit sees the tattoo. She remembers Farooq. She is seen trying to jump off the railing. Buwa stops Kiran. Amrit thinks of a way to stop the ray. She tricks Kiran and tells him to come down. The ray comes down. Buwa says you did a lot for us. Amrit tells Kiran to pray with all her heart, don’t worry, her wedding will take place this month. A woman comes clapping and taunting Amrit. She fell down. Buwa is making fun of her. Bai asks Bua to let the young girls do the kitchen work. Buwa and Bai argue. That woman says my husband works alone for the whole family. Bhanu says I will eat and go to the office.

The match maker comes. She said you will be happy to get this great match of Kiran, they will give omens today. Accidentally throws nectar glass. The woman teases Amrit and calls her a maid. Amrit asks Buwa not to say anything. The nectar cleans the pieces of glass. She was hurt. When the guests come, she asks Amrit to put chunari on her head. Bhanu goes after the nectar and turns it yellow. He says I didn’t put you here as a sister, I hid your identity here. His wife Saroj comes and tells him my mistake, I didn’t tell anyone that Amrut is your sister, if anyone sees the tattoo on her hand, we have to leave. She goes. Amrit said she is fine, why will there be problems in my family, I just come. She goes to the temple. She prays that she will find someone in her life. A man drinks and drives. Amrit and Buwa are on their way. The nectar reminds me of Randhir’s words. She says that the one who is happy with sorrow is the happiest person. Buwa asks do you really think Randhir will come back? Amrit says my mind and heart speak the same, that he will come back, he promised me. The man drives too fast and accidentally kills the father. Amrit slaps him angrily. She slaps him for driving under the influence of alcohol. He says I have medications for every pain, alcohol is the best medicine. He shows the crates of wine in his car. He asks Amrit to keep wine as a gift. He also gives his father a bottle. He left.

Rani Sahiba gave an interview to the media. “I am standing for election. I will welcome the refugees and bring them to Delhi,” she said. Her son Veer laughs when he hears her talking. Vijender comes and tells him to stop. Veer says he is my stepfather, the person behind my mother’s success. He tells the media that a girl slapped him. Vijender removes Veer. Visitors come to see the rays. The alliance was certain. The woman’s sari caught fire. Nectar saves her. The woman thanks her. She saw the nectar tattoo. She reads Amrit Farooq Ansari and gets angry.

Queen Mother says you will get married in 7 days. Saroj insulted Amrit. She told Bhanu to leave the nectar house.

Update credit to: Amena