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Kyun Utha Dil Chod Aaye 8 April 2021 Written Part, Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Bai apologized to her father and said that now we will become relatives. The aunt also apologizes. She says we came to ask for Kiran’s hand, don’t deny it. Buwa and Saroj are happy. Amrit calls you here. He gives her a rose and tells her to climb it. Bhanu says tell me you have come here. Veer says I need to talk to you privately. Amrit thinks Bhanu is working in his place. The hero enters the house. Saroj says now everyone will respect you, a rich man has come home. Amrut asks if Bhanu will lose his job due to this slap, I should go and apologize. Veer and Bhanu come. Amrit told Veer not to punish Bhanu for her cause. Veer says don’t wear this color again, I don’t like it. Bhanu smiled. The hero leaves.

Amrut says what he says. Bhanu says he will tell his wife about the color, right, he came not to complain but to ask for your hand. Amrit asks why should he marry me? She thinks I can’t marry anyone but Randhir. The officer says it’s time to leave. Randhir smiled. He asks about Amritsar. Officials say you will first be taken to Nalini Devi’s palace. Vijender handles all the work. The saint comes and says Veer is not in his house. Vijender says don’t tell her anything to worry about. Santo says she herself told me everything about Veer. Veer was riding a horse and says Vijender loves us. Nalini asks what it is all about. Veer says I am getting married, I am riding this horse, I have to take my barat. She says you’re not getting married. He says, you think Anita wanted to marry me, this is not the first time your mistake, I will soon fulfill my imperfect feelings, I will marry a beautiful girl and give her a happy Holi at home. He dances and goes. She says be careful, he should not come to meet the guests.

Bhanu says Veer has agreed to the marriage. What Amrit says, I love Randhir and I will marry him. He says four years have passed, Randhir has not returned, Veer wants to marry you. Buwa asks why he wants to marry Amrit. Saroj says our future will change now, we should celebrate Amrit asks Randhir what will I answer when he returns. Bhanu says he will not come, he will understand if he comes. Buwa says Randhir and Amrit love each other. Saroj says that he too will perish, what will you get, Veer is a rich man. Amrit says no, I will just marry Randhir. Buwa asks if you told Veer about nectar? Bhanu says no, I didn’t tell him. Buwa says I don’t like it at all, how can this happen. Saroj says we will be honored, Veer sent those people back here with Kiran’s alliance. She told Amrit not to refuse the marriage. Amrit remembers everything and is sad. Everyone celebrates Holi.

Nalini cries for Veer. Vijender hugs her and says we know Veer is broken by a childhood incident. They remember the days. Nalini and Vijender worship for her late husband. Veer and Prem have a fight for their film. The hero pushed down on the climb of love. Nalini cries for her other child. Vijender says forget everything. She says I explained to him to control his anger, his brother lost his life because of anger, I lost both my children that day. They say we should welcome our people, be calm. She misses her other child. Randhir comes to the palace. He says my nectar will be waiting for me. Amrut is waiting for his position. She did not sign the father. She said I want to tell Veer about Randhir, he will go back. Buwa says you are right. Amrit asks I go alone. Buwa says I want to take care of Saroj, otherwise I would have come, don’t give up your love, Randhir will come back.

Veer threatens Amrit and asks her to marry him. Randhir does not see nectar in Veer’s house.

Update credit to: Amena