Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 22 – Telly Updates

Hey, sorry about disappearing again, as I said my exams, practical and Islamic classes were all going on loudly and even for a little while. I don’t promise to write every day because I’m not sure but when I get some time I definitely have to write when I come back I think you remember the story line.

Last warning: – Naira in Naman’s revenge and injury.

Karthik: Don’t worry Naira, I always make sure you are always smiling. And I would be happy to have a reason behind it. I love you Naira

Naira: Karthik and Gayu Di love each other. I should help them but I don’t know why I feel this nuisance.

Other place

A man sitting in the dark is spotted by a spotlight focusing on him showing Naaman, he is smiling badly in the picture in his hand.

Naman: You insulted me in front of my whole family and threw me out of the house. Wait and see what happens to Naira with you.

The scene is frozen with his face.

Singhania Sadan (next morning)

Our Majnu was on her favorite track of starvation when she stumbled upon something to her advantage while Kaira was walking down the stairs together.

Naira: So we have to do this as soon as possible because this deal can be of great benefit .. (Then she realizes that he has lost) Karthik .. Are you listening?

Karthik: (His Naira is coming out of the world) Woho… Yes I was listening then what next.

Naira: Hmmm.

Then they heard screams and ran in the direction.

Karisma: Sweet, you always do that. Now, what will explain this to you?

Karisma said, “Mishti was shouting at her while she was standing there. As the family reached there with Kaira, they heard this voice. Stood up.

Akshara: Do you know what Mishti Beta did to you (looking at Naira)

Mishti: I’m sorry, Taiji, I didn’t mean that, sorry sister, I swear I didn’t want to break this chain.

Little did the little boy know that the chain had robbed him of his life. It was her last memory of Arjun. How can it be when Mishti is small but. (Her thoughts were shattered by Kartik who shocked her)

Naira: Mamma .. (Her voice cracked) That was his last memory, wasn’t it? (Coming to the chain and looking lovingly) Why did God do this to me, he first remembered them. (Controlling her tears and gathering strength) I’ll fix it. Anyway, I’ll do it, I can’t remember it anymore. Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 22 - Telly Updates

Then she began to crawl the parts of the chain. The whole family was sad for her, Akshara was on the verge of crying. Even Karthik can’t stand this kind of life.Love heals everything (KaiRa FF) chapter 22 - Telly Updates After gaining some courage, he spoke

Karthik: Naira, I will help you in this matter and I know that someone can solve it. Shall we give it to him when he goes to the office?

Naira: (getting her senses back) Yes, thank you very much. Let Kartik come. Mistu needs to cry. OK, Didi is not angry.

Mishti: Thank you, sister, I love you.

Naira smiled looking at Karthik

Episode Freeze

Prep: – Karthik consoled Naira