Love Is In the Air Episode 47 – Telly Updates

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The episode begins

Anjali is still praising Karthik as she is not in the world tomorrow. Everyone’s thoughts break when the college bell rings.

Karthik clears his throat. Anjali blushed

Karthik: Anjali, what are you doing here?

Anjali: Sir, I need to leave this afternoon, I have your signature

Karthik: What do you need? Are you alright

Naira stares at him. Karthik stared at her

Karthik: I mean, is there any medical reason for you to leave? You haven’t mentioned one thing

Anjali in mind: How much do you care for me?

Karthik: Miss Anjali

Anjali: Sir Papa is sick so I am going home

Karthik: All right

That’s when the inspiration phone ringsLove Is In the Air Episode 47 - Telly Updates

Inspiration: Hello…

After a while

Motivation: What ?? Kunal के .Care….

Inspired, the phone rang and Naira grabbed her

Naira: What inspired you?

Inspiration: Naira .. Wow… .Wo… Sweet….

Naira: Sweet? What happened to Mishti?

Anurag wants to be inspired but the situation prevents him from making it worse

Motivation: Sweets are missing. Kunal says he is unable to find her

Karthik: What? The sweets are missing

Anjali stunned Karthik

Karthik (takes care of himself): But who is Mishti?

Naira understood that and: Mishti Prena’s sister is Sir

Anurag: Then go early and go to the police. Naira, you too go with your friend.

Naira: All right sir

Naira pulls out the inspiration. Anurag and Karthik get upset. They exchange relevant views.
Karthik: Anurag sir I am going to the office. Papa has called a meeting

Anurag: All right, Karthik sir. I’m going to meet the venue manager for my sister’s wedding. So call someone from the Anjali department for your class.

Karthik and Anurag rush to catch Naira and Prerna

Naira: Karthik, you have to take care of Abir

Karthik: Does he know?

Motivation: Abir and Kunal find her missing… Oh… Actually


Kunal is very worried about sweets. Only then does Abir arrive

Abir: Where is Kunal Mishti?Love Is In the Air Episode 47 - Telly Updates

Kunal tells Abir what happened

Kunal: She is very worried about him

Abir: Yes Kunal. Rajdeep Mehta and Rohit are overjoyed

Kunal: But your arrival will make her happy. I call her

Kunal goes to the ward in search of sweets but she is not there. Both Kunal and Abir search for her everywhere but they can’t find her. They hit Kirthi

Kirti: What happened to Kunal?

Kunal: Bhabhi… sorry mum wo

Kirti: Bhabhi is fine

Kunal: Bhabhi Mishti is missing

Kirti: What?
Kirti also joins them but in the end they find her nowhere. That’s all when Kunal calls inspiration


Karthik: I have Mr. Mehta and Rohit are suspicious

Motivation: Those injuries did not allow her to be at peace

Anurag: Does Akash know?

Naira: Bhabhi has already informed him

Karthik: We have to find sweets at any cost

He sped up to get to the hospital


Akash Akash and Naina have reached there

Abir: Akash Bhaiya, where will she be?

Aakash: The team is looking for

Karthik Naira Anurag and Prerna crowd there. It can be heard near the warehouse near the hospital. Everyone rushes there to set the godown on fire

Lady in the crowd: I saw a girl hiding in a girl. She is inside the fire

Abir believes that the girl is sweet. Without a second thought, he sinks into the godown

Karthik: Abirirr ..

Karthik is going inside. Anurag and Akash stop him

Akash: Don’t be a fool like Kartik Abir. The troops have entered. They will bring him out. Mishti will not be here

Meanwhile inside the godown

Abir stepped inside and his eyes were searching for sweets. Love Is In the Air Episode 47 - Telly UpdatesMoments later, he saw Mishti hiding in a corner. She is suffocated in the smoke that falls from her face

Abir: Sweet

As soon as she heard his voice, Mishti ran towards him in the running pieces of the roof. She hugged him Love Is In the Air Episode 47 - Telly UpdatesAnd fainted in his arms from suffocation

Abir takes her in his arms and struggles in the fire. The fire brigade rushes Abir out with Mirti.Love Is In the Air Episode 47 - Telly Updates Karthik and Naira are running towards him

Karthik: Abir, why did you run away burning?

Abir: It is a reflection of how you jumped into the water to save your sister-in-law

Naira: Karthik closes your mouth and lets her go inside first

Mishti was admitted to the emergency ward. Everyone is waiting outside with anxiety.
Akash: How did she get inside?

Karthik: The sky is the limit for Rohit and Mr Mehta

Naina: Why doesn’t this idiot leave you even when Rupali is fine?

Anurag: Don’t worry Naina .. we will handle her

Just then Kirti and Kuhu came out

Naksha: What is the fame?

Kirti: She has lost consciousness due to suffocation. She had a cut on her forehead but it broke and healed well. She will regain consciousness after a while

Motivation: Then everyone goes home. I stay here with her

Abir: Prerna bhabhi you go..don’t tell uncle and uncle about it they will be worried. I’ll be back

Motivation: But

Anurag: Motivation..he wants to be careful and don’t worry because what he said is right

Motivation: What if they asked about the suture?

Anurag: We will manage this. Now let it all go. Abir take care

Karthik: If you want something, give me a ring

Abir nodded and everyone left. Freezes part

Precap: Rohit Hangs himself. Komolica starts to carry out her plan