Episode Start ..

Lineage: Riddhimaa

Kabir got angry and then he was driving Towad exit. Suddenly he thought someone had pointed a gun at him. He started looking at Riddhima. He was shocked. Idddhima Chidli.

Idddhima: What happened Kabir. Oh god will you be shocked (Who cares about the reader?)

Kabir: How is this possible? I shot you. Do you look good

Riddhima: I am wearing bullet proof vest. Don’t listen to me anymore. (She pulled it towards the hall.)

Sejal was so shocked by the race. But Ishani was not shocked.

Riddhima sat down on a chair and called someone.

The police came in and greeted Riddhima. She smiled and asked them to take Kabir. They took Kabir and left.

Descent (recovering from shock): Riddhima. You were shot but still stood as if nothing had happened to you.

Sejal: Why did the police salute you?

Sejal and lineage: Who are you?

Idd Dhima: Don’t worry about how many questions you ask, I’ll tell you from the beginning. Ok listen.

Flashback on ..

Riddhima angrily overheard Wansh discussing his past. After the call ends.

Riddhima: Listen to Ishani!

Ishani: Say yes.

Idddhima: I need to catch this fisco named Kabir. Help me

Ishani: I will do whatever you ask. Just say

Hi Ddhima: We need to play with this Kabir. So the plan to listen is that I know Fisco will try to harm me. Whenever I get a chance to talk to Vansh, I will tell him that I am an underworld mafia.

Ishani: What?

Hi Ddhima: Listen first. Then he will ever extract a single piece of information about me. I would set it up to show that I was a mafia not a DSP. (Yes she was DSP)

Ishani: Well then?

Idd Ddhima: Then what will I do then he will definitely call you. So you tell him that my father forced me to join the mafia. I know it is so bad that I will insult my father and destroy his image. But you know he didn’t take care of us. He always set us on fire. So no big deal.

Ishani: Okay!

Riddhima: Then the rest is up to me. Now she will die Fisco.

Then you will know what happened.

The main day is today in this area.

Riddhima argues with Vansh then he goes after her. Then when they reach the YR mansion… ..

Race: Go nice.

Riddhima went inside and asked Angre for help… ..

Idddhima: Angre!

Angre: Does Riddhima help you?

Idddhima: Yes. Listen, you spread the news to help Kabir that I am going to announce today that I am going to join the underworld. I know this Kabir will definitely do something there. So make sure you do it.

Angre: But ..

Hi Ddhima: Please do a lot for me and don’t forget this. See you soon

Angre nodded

Comedy outside Riddhima… ..

Then she asked him for water. He went to fetch water.

Riddhima called someone who was actually an inspector.

Inspector: Jai Hind mam.

Hi Ddhima: Jai Hind Now listen, I am ready. Talk to you when I come to my house. And send the bullet proof to the West Temple.

Inspector: All right, ma’am.

She disconnected and Vansh became a comedian.

Now in the temple.

She reached there and asked for blessings from Bappa. Then came the descent phone call. Meanwhile, Riddhima took the vest from the inspector and hid it. Then she reached the snow. She went to her room. She put it on and came down. She had already spotted Kabir and she smiled. Then she was shot and managed to catch Kabir.

Flashback over.

Idd Ddhima: The plan was perfect for my needs. But I found out that Washne didn’t believe me again. (Emotional)

Descendants: Riddhima वाटत (Feeling guilty)

Idddhima: Never do it again, you will never be able to do all these things again.

Sejal: So you are not a doctor?

Hi Ddhima: I am both.

Race: I’m sorry Riddhima.

Riddhima walked from there to her room.
Vansh decided to give her some time. So he left.

I am Riddhima’s room.

Riddhima was on call.

Riddhima: Inspector Vijay confronts Kabir. He is a burden to the earth. He should not be alive. Jai Hind

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