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Shahgal Haveli

Idddhima: Yes, exactly. Hey i’m coming What is time? Oh ok ok I will come You stop there only after the flight landing. Take care of this. Love you Bye. (On phone)

Riddhima: Ishani! Ishani! (Calling her). Where is she No response? I will check.

She entered Ishani’s room. He saw her dancing and she was using earphones.

Riddhima: How badly she dances. (Laughter)
Hey Ishani you are also listening.

No response

Riddhima: This girl. Did she even ignore me?

Then Riddhima threw a pillow over her face.

Ishani: What was that Riddhima !? (Angry) Wait I’ll show you.

Then she too threw a pillow over her face.

Hi Dhima: Ah! What are you doing I was calling you and you didn’t even bother. When I entered, I saw you dancing like a clown.

Ishani: Joker !? Seriously? (Pouting)

Idd Ddhima: Oh OK no Joker …… Monkey. (She ran away after saying this)

Ishani: Riddhima! (Irritated) I will not leave you.

Riddhima (shouting from the hall): I will take my mother. Just stay here monkey. (She picked up the key and let it run.)

Ishani: I will see you in Riddhima. You go home

Riddhima was driving while listening to the song. She was listening in frustration. (LOL who knows the song. But I do XD) She started the song. But with the wrong words. (Almost everyone does that)

She arrived at the airport. She saw Anupia. She apologized to him

Riddhima: Come on! After 1 week !! How was your trip Would you like Did you have fun (Blake Blade is asking a lot of questions)

Anupriya: Oh Baba be calm. Let’s go home and we’ll talk.

Idd Ddhima: Okay. (Laughs)

They left the airport. Suddenly Riddhima’s phone rang. She spoke and told Anupriya.

Riddhima: Mom, do you know driving?

Anupriya: Of course I know. You have doubts. (Hard)

Hi Ddhima: No. I was saying you can go back home. I got an important call. It’s very instantaneous otherwise I would have joked. Sorry i (Sad face)

Anupriya: All right, you go. I will go home. Go to the first nation. (Laughs)

Riddhima: Thank you. Bye

Anupia left

Idddhima: Now Riddhi, take care of how you go. Oh no There is a taxi strike today. What luck Riddhu.

Suddenly a car came up. A man wearing a red shirt and black pants came out of it. Riddhima ignored it. (Now we can all guess who he is). He accepted Riddhima.

Man: Hey!

Idddhima: What do you want Mr. Raisingania? (Sad)

Vanish: I think you are looking for a taxi. For your information.

Riddhima: There is a strike today. I know better. Finally I am… ..

Lineage: DSP Riddhima Shehgal. (Loud)

Idd Ddhima: Right, get out of my way now.

Lineage: Really? Hey my how are you going to the station Need a lift?

Riddhima: First of all, stop this with acting. Oh my Blake. And second, I don’t need to. Now answer what are you doing here? Following me? (Stern)

Race: No cock to take a friend. He is there

Idddhima: Who …… Aryan? At that time I left you, but if you try to do something, you will be angry with me. And I mean! (Angry) and you. Red shirt black paint. You are his friend. Seriously?

Aryan: Riddhima. I’m sorry. I was crazy at the time. I love you but it was an attraction. Sorry. Please forgive me I don’t want to leave a friend. Sorry Riddhima.

Hi Ddhima: I. What can I say. I also thought I was losing a friend but… .What you did is not easy to forgive me.

Aryan was very sad. Then suddenly he heard.

Hi Ddhima: But I forgive you !! Finally we are friends. (She hugged him)

Aryan: Seriously Riddhima ?? Thanks lott !!!!! (Very happy)

The family smiled at their happiness.

Idd Dhima: and red shirt black paint. Answer me (Red shirt black paint heavily?)

Clan: I got the name from my parents. Lineage What is red shirt black paint. Respect my beautiful name and handsome personality. (Attitude)

Hi Ddhima: Whatever. How you suddenly became his friend.

Race: Shall I tell you? I leave as nothing. O God, look at the time. You don’t have to give up. (Smarks)

Idddhima: Shit! No more time left.
Can you throw me

Race: Lovers need not hesitate. I leave you

Aryan: So what about me? (Ignore the man)

Riddhima: Who stopped you? Or.

They left and Riddhima went to her cabin. She saw Inspector Vijay.

Ins. Vijay: Go Hind mam!

Idddhima: Jai Hind! Done?

Vijay: Yes ma’am he is dead.

Hi Ddhima: Great Inspector. Well done you can go now. Jai Hind.

Inspector: Jai Hind

Riddhima did her work and left for her home. She spoke to Anupprashi. They chatted at length. And then she went to her room.

On the other hand

Ragini: Brother !!! You can’t leave me It’s all because of me. Sorry. I will average your death. Idd Dhima! You are dead Wait and see. (Anger as it erupts like a volcano)

Midnight ..

Someone entered Riddhima’s room. After ten minutes he / she left.

8 in the morning

Riddhima: ahhhhhhhhhh. (Shouting at the top of her voice.)

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