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Chapter 8


“I think you forgot in the hospital, they called my mother,” he said, extending the small envelope.

“Sorry?” She had no idea who this man was.

“Hospital …” He tried to warn her.

“Oh yes… sorry. It just seems to slip out of my head. The girl with beautiful eyes but somewhat asleep replied.

He didn’t know but back at the hospital he was ignorant but here he wanted to know her, her grief and why she didn’t take care of herself.

After waiting a minute, she lent him a glass of water, but he had no idea when the police officer stood by the gate.

“Are you Miss Krishna?” Someone asked her as she walked into the living room.

“Yes,” she answered in a low voice.

“We have gathered some evidence about the incident and the death of your husband and we want you to come with us.” Suddenly the atmosphere in the room became difficult and she felt something coming up her esophagus.

“Wait a minute for me.” And she covered her face and went into the pool.

He was frozen after hearing the words and words spoken by the officers but his ear piercing sound alerted him due to severe vomiting.

He placed the packet containing her luggage on the table and stopped.

He knew this moment but he was not in a position to hold her even in the face of adversity but he could not stop himself and turned his legs towards her on his own.

“Are you alright?” Shall I come in? ”He asked in a measured voice.

She knew she had met him in the hospital, and if she wanted to cut her heart, it was the boy’s sad face so he couldn’t hurt her.

With that thought she opened the latch and came to him and held him for a while. She needed someone for her right now.

Gathering her long hair in one hand, she thought she should hold it back to support her shoulders, and at the same moment she leaned against the tiled wall and failed.

He gathered her in his doll from behind and helped her make sense of him before he went to drown and help her refresh.

“It’s hard these days, thank you so much.” When they returned, she thanked him.

“Lemon water helps,” he muttered slyly.

“I’m sorry,” she asked him, wondering if he didn’t look like a man who was interested in things or who knew about them.

But wait, he had a baby… .A cute boy saw her in the hospital so he might have an experience with his wife.

“My wife said she felt better because of the lime water,” he replied as he walked into the hall, and for a moment she stared at his tall but somewhat disintegrated frame.

“How is your son?” She asked for an inspiration. He pushed her to ask for something and she did.

“He’s fine …” His words died when he saw the police waiting at the door. The bitter memories were about to come, and then he saw the small bag they had kept.

“Miss Krishna, can you come to the police station with us? It would be better if someone was with you.” The middle-aged policeman told her in a soft voice.

“I’m fine sir, tell me to call my mother-in-law and I’ll come with you,” she told them before picking up her phone from the table in the middle.

“If it’s okay, I can go to the station with you.” Hoping to see something related to Priyanka or maybe an unknown force told him to do so but he asked her.

“No need, I can handle this.” She tried to laugh but the result was strange on her lips.

______________ * ______________

She did not like to lean on anyone and she never believed in Ranveer to take away her worries even for a millisecond but he entered her life by promising to take away her worries and in return he just showed her unconditional love. After all this sudden demise.

Life has left her to stop for herself once again and she knows that no princess will come there this time and hold her hand in every small or big step.

But this stranger, who entered her life in less than 24 hours, was giving her the feeling of not knowing anything.

Maybe she was alone and this time she wanted to be with a stranger who wouldn’t ask her about her life but stay with her for a while.

He was thoughtful of her and didn’t give his bike a top speed of 50 or 60, she laughed at her extra care.

The police bike has already disappeared but he acted recklessly about it.

She touched his shoulder to tell him to speed up the bike and in response, his neck grunted to his right.

“There’s no problem,” he asked aloud.

“No. But if you think about my condition, you can speed up the bike. She screamed as her voice reached him through the evening traffic.

He didn’t say anything but the bike gave her a small push and prompted her to put her hand on his shoulder.

His arm was shrinking a thousand times due to the restless air, and then he stood still as if his confidence in the man had increased.

______________ * ____________

“We have recovered the CCTV footage from the complex and there is something strange about the behavior of your husband Miss Krishna.” Senior officials told her she had taken the seat and she was upset.

“Sorry, what do you mean?” She confused them about things.

“Look at yourself.” He played the play while turning the monitor towards them.

The video was awesome but Ranveer, who was on his way to cookies with a packet in his hand, was able to pull it out… Then he gave the parcel to a lady but the lady did not take it, he smiled at her and placed the packet near the cold storage unit of chocolate.

The video ended and she suspected that giving her husband a packet was a big deal.

“What does that mean, officer?” She was confused and quiet.

“You know the woman?” The police asked her.

“No, but I don’t think he knows her or even if she knows he’s probably helping that woman … so what’s the big deal.” She smiled uneasily and turned to her where her partner had turned white.

Before she could think, he turned the monitor to himself and the officer opened his mouth.

“During our investigation, we found the remains of the packet and it was filled with explosives. It was also one of the berries planted in different parts of the mall, so that their destruction was great. ” The official did not express any emotion.

For a moment she felt suffocated that all four walls were closed on her… they suspected her husband. He was just an ordinary man, a man of kind heart … did he ever speak rudely to anyone? Her mind asked her so many confident questions.

“Look, we’re not blaming him, but we just want to know what you know about the girl. She was probably one of your acquaintances … because we don’t know her, so we’ll try to work on the other footage.” The officer said in a soft voice.

“Please sign these documents and take the woman home.” Extension of documents released by officers to investigate vandalism cases in the city.

_____________ * ____________

Confirming that she didn’t have a few hours, he extended the chocolate bar to her.

This has made her condition worse and then the news.

“You faded back there …” She noticed when she felt better for a while.

“No, no, nothing like that happened.” He denied the words.

He wanted to feel the little stick between his fingers, the stress level was rising for him but he could not be at risk of a pregnant woman.

“It’s getting late, I think we should leave for your house.” His behavior suddenly changed.

“Oh yes… in fact I’ll take the rickshaw, you already have it…” she tried to realize her earlier mistake of commenting on her nature.

“Okay, I’ll let you go,” he replied. He turned on the bike and there was no exchange of words between them. Like two strangers became strangers again.

_____________ * _____________

The mother was relieved to hear that the girl had received her luggage and did not ask him why he was late or about the smuggled look on his face.

The woman may have considered giving him some time off after an unnecessary request to return the phone.

Now on the balcony, as he took a long puff of his cigarette, her mind wandered through the glimpses of a woman not visible on the tape.

She was Priyanka and the officers were looking for her as soon as possible, standing at the scene of the explosion so she didn’t have to suffer this.

Her heart pounded at his pain and his fist began to hurt him.

And then he thought of the man who was putting the packet on the cooling unit. Her husband.

How can he do this to his wife, how can he do this to anyone, how can he … He lost the ability to make right and wrong decisions for a moment but then he lost control of himself. He did not know who was guilty but now he understood that the incident was an accident but a planned crime and now he wanted to know who was guilty.

For a moment he thought of the pregnant woman who had left home she too had lost her husband but could she mourn? She was pregnant so she had to stay stable for her baby.

She remembers how she tried to say something but in anger and frustration she left the house as soon as she got off the bike.

What was she trying to say? Thank you Or maybe something different?

The big eyes were surprised and sad… when he turned the bike, he looked with his peripheral eyes.

If the front window of the house had not been closed by some force and the process had not broken the line of consistent and inconsistent thoughts, his thoughts would not have stopped.

“She’s nobody, don’t worry about her,” he told his brain before he lit a cigarette and refreshed the bathroom and let his son go on a restless night.

_____________ * ____________

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