Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update : Amruta drunk at Raghav’s house – Telly Updates

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The lion practices his goal by firing apples at the head of the courier boys.

Raghav called Pallavi and asked her to come to his place as soon as possible and she heard the sound of nectar.

Raghav says to Amrit I play Holi with you and Amrita is going to paint unconscious and Pallavi comes, Raghav paints Pallavi.

Sometime back.

Raghav was watching the video on his phone and was smiling. Harish asks why are you smiling, Raghav says Pallavi texted me and she thinks I will answer her, she shows a lot of attitude and like other girls she also fell for me, Pallavi woke up and found out she was dreaming and checked her phone no answer Can’t see and he’s very angry, and can’t tell him why he has to be confident.
Raghav checks his phone lying on the ground and Pallavi Os is still typing, Pallavi got a voice note that thanked me for saving my life and I will stop typing your angry message, I am doing well now, relax and Happy Holi.
Raghav got a voice note from Pallavi Happy Holi, the rest of you don’t have to play Holi. Raghav replies I know don’t try to be my mother, Pallavi replies that I am showing courtesy but it seems you don’t want anything.
Pallavi says I have to focus on the saree for the competition.
Pallavi worships and wishes Bappa Happy Holi and says I miss Mom and Dad today, Milind goes to her and says I am not old like your Baba but today I can help you to paint, Pallavi applies color to him, they see Amrita going To play Holi with her friends, Milind tried to teach her not to go as there is death in the family, Amrita said Sharda aunty mother why should I make fun of her, Pallavi tries to tell her, Sulochana interrupts and slaps Pallavi and asks Amrita to leave for the party and leaves. Milind says this attitude of Sulochana will spoil the baby.

Harish got Raghav’s last hit CCTV footage, Raghav says I am very familiar with this man. Abhijit calls Pallavi and asks if the submission date has been postponed. Do you need help? Pallavi says no, you can choose a sari for tomorrow’s presentation.

Lion begins to practice his goal by shooting apples at the head of the Kurien children, he asks Sara why you are doing all this, Lion says tonight’s practice.

Amrita Bhan eats Pedha, and was drunk, on her way home she sees Raghav’s house and says that my future husband should paint me and peek inside. Pallavi got Raghav’s call, Raghav said come to my house as soon as possible and put the phone on speaker, Pallavi heard Amrita’s voice and says he is my husband I want to increase my love and let Bond meet me, I own this house, Raghav says soon Send her away soon or I’ll put her in jail. Amrita cries for help and puts music on the phone and starts dancing.

Pallavi rushes over to Milind, calling for music and marriage, and says I’ll tell you later and leave. Sulochana said that she will definitely meet Raghav Rao, I will tell them everything when Sharda and Vijay come.

Raghav came down to Amrita and said, go out, Amrita says paint first then I will go, Raghav says wait and see and now you will be scared of Holi, Amrita will faint, Pallavi will come there and Raghav mistakenly applies her red. Pallavi tries to wake her up, Raghav says waking her up is very conscious, Pallavi says book me a taxi, Raghav says everyone will be in this state today, my driver will leave you. Raghav helps her to take Amrita and Pallavi takes her to the cab.

Sulochana calls and says I have told everyone that no one will play Holi because there is death in the family, she sees Pallavi taking Amrita, Sulochana looks at Pallavi and it looks like she played Holi with Raghav.

Pre Cap: Abhijeet turns off the lights at Pallavi’s house, Pallavi Raghav says she needs help and he wants her to give him a hall at night to make a sari. Pallavi reached Raghav’s place with Abhijeet.

Update credit to: Tanaya