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Sulochana said I know you went to Raghav’s house, Amrita told me everything, she went there to greet him and she found you there.

Pallavi reached Raghav’s house with Abhijeet

Back sometime

Pallavi arrives home with Amrit, Sulochana and Milind and asks Amrita what is wrong, Pallavi says she is conscious, Milind says what, Pallavi says maybe she didn’t eat herself maybe someone ate the food she ate and don’t worry she ate it Say Sulochana, stop, your play is enough, this morning you were teaching Amrita a lesson and covering yourself with roses, you know who painted you and from where you are coming you were at Raghav’s house, Amrita went there Good luck and you found her there, and you didn’t want Amrita to tell her so you made her realize, Milind stops Sulochana, Sulochana says if she can do something I can say something and pray to Pallavi God tell grandpa that I am not, Sulochana Asks Amrita to come with her, Amrita drunk, Sulochana said I will not leave you. Pallavi tries to do justice, Milind says the truth ignores me, Pallavi says I will take care of Amrita, you take care of Sulochana Kaku.

Pallavi checks her color and she remembers the whole incident that happened at Raghav’s house. Pallavi clears the color.
Pallavi woke up near Amrita and she remembered her sari and competition and it is evening. Pallavi runs to the hall, sees Abhijeet, Milind says he is here to meet you, Pallavi introduces him as Krishna’s brother Abhijeet, Abhijeet asks Pallavi when all the work is done, Pallavi says the sari is not done, not a single sari, Abhijeet says I can help Abhijeet asked the washroom and the leaves.
Abhijeet called and asked to cut off the power connection, Pallavi says the connection has been cut in the entire area.
Abhijeet goes to Pallavi and asks how they will work now, Abhijeet asks if you know anyone outside this area who can help you, remembers Pallavi Raghav’s message that she has help to save his life, calls Pallavi Raghav and asks him to lend Tonight in the auditorium for the sari, Raghav says, OK, when are you coming, Pallavi says I’m already out of your house, Raghav says you’ve never pitched a tent here, Pallavi says it’s Abhijeet, Raghav looks familiar to him and allows his boyfriend No, Pallavi says that he is Krishna’s brother to help me.

Abhijeet sees his hoodie photo from Om Raghav’s table. Pallavi asked Abhijeet to start work. Raghav gets angry seeing Pallavi’s mess, Pallavi tells Raghav to hold the sari for a minute and makes marks, Raghav looks at Abhijeet and thinks I have seen him somewhere. Pallavi comes close to Raghav, Raghav smells her hair, Pallavi teases him, Raghav says don’t blame me you bring your nose in my nose I don’t help you now, Pallavi says ok then I am moving furniture, Pallavi asks Abhijeet to help, Abhijeet fell down the gun, Raghav got angry and saw Abhijeet in all the sweat and asks why he is sweating so much, Pallavi says heavy weight and pulls with one hand, Abhijeet pulls his foot down the sofa with the gun It feels like Kelly and I think he is a lion and Pallavi has taken advantage of killing me.

Raghav slowly clicks his picture, Pallavi sees Raghav going into the kitchen and asks you will get something like coffee tea and please what to eat, Raghav is fine and goes to Gass’s office, Raghav checks his computer for data.
Pallavi tells Abhijeet that Raghav is very bad, Pallavi can’t find the needle, Abhijeet hides them and asks Pallavi for Raghav.

Pallavi goes to Raghav and asks where is the tea and why are you here and still I want a box of needles, Raghav says maybe she found it somewhere in the house, Abhijeet got the gun.
Raghav looks up at LIN and reads No. 17 and finds his Veda from old pictures.

Pre Cap: Veda (Abhijeet) Showing a gun to Pallavi’s head, Raghav said that Veda left her with us.

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