Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi finds Raghav and Kirti are siblings – Telly Updates

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Pallavi told Raghav to stay away. He has already made a mess and should not waste his happiness
Raghav says you are part of the worst phase of my life.

Music by Milind Sulochana.
Jaya tells Pallavi, whose son is like Donna from the village, how can she relax ..
Pallavi says Raghav is your son

Krishna tells Pallavi that there is a problem

Sometime back

Raghav looks at Pallavi and says that she looks very beautiful today and then says wait she is wearing these clothes and she will be removed in 1 15 days.
Vijay check system, Pallavi says don’t worry I have checked, Vijay says you can do it yourself why you need father’s advice. Vijay got angry when he saw Raghav and left. Pallavi’s father sees the problem between Pallavi and Vijay and asks Pallavi that everything is fine, Pallavi says yes and runs to Raghav and asks why he is here Raghav says Sulochana has invited him, Pallavi says she invites you formally, we have our Then be happy for a long time Don’t be confused, Raghav says stop giving importance to yourself, and here is my personal time so I don’t want to be bothered, Pallavi asks what personal time, Raghav says mine, Amrita Raghav says what, Pallavi says Amrita stays away from her.

Raghav says, sorry, I didn’t play Holi with you, Amrita says I’m sorry. I took you, Raghav says your sister Sangeet doesn’t want you to take me inside, Amrita got very excited and took his hand and went inside. Pallavi says that Baba will get angry because of him. Raghav says I forgot my wallet Amrita you go ahead I will join you.

Deshmukh welcomes Rahul’s family. Rahul told Mansi that Telugu Panthers will win, Pallavi Jander Marathas will win whatever they get, says Pallavi.
Nikhil and Amrita welcome and address the guests and on the side of Rahul and Mansi, Ram Atya and Sangeeta Mami are the Telugu Panthers v. Jandar is a Panther and a judge.

Presented by Milind and Sulochana, Akash chats for Jaya, Raghav walks up to him saying Amma doesn’t like gossip she has allergies and secondly I have warned you stay away from Kirti I will tell you now in my style, I am here. Kirti and Amma, Raghav raises his hand, Amma walks up to him and tells Akash to leave and Raghav says, these are the homes of cultured people, and Kirti and Akash are just friends, stop our embarrassment, Pallavi looks at them and says why was Jaya teasing Raghav? And he wasn’t saying anything, Raghav makes an idli plate for Jaya and leaves, Pallavi wonders why she is taking care of her?

Jaya sits at the table Raghav says Amma your favorite Idli Wada, if you are hungry take it, Amma asks where is Sambar, Raghav says I will get it immediately, Pallavi says don’t worry here because people with attitude don’t know food, Amma says Pallavi you You are so sweet, Jaya tells Pallavi, Kirti told me you work hard in your shop, your hard work will definitely be measured, short cut success will not last long, Pallavi really says, and I know one person, Raghav says don’t talk while you eat , Raghav says no one asked you, Amma says Pallavi never gives up, all problems will go away, Pallavi says never but there are some people who threaten me and say leave me the city and I will be happy only when I wrong him I will prove it and I will not give up so easily. Amma says have this fight spirit, and he is a fool threatening you who underestimates you, Raghav walks away in anger. Amma gets angry and says that the mother never understands how to make such a decision like a child. Pallavi was shocked. Kirti goes to him and says Pallavi is my elder brother.

Rahul performs. Pallavi Raghav looked upset and restless, Mansi went to her and said they are performing well we will leave like that, Pallavi says I will take care of everything you care about.
Krishna goes to Pallavi saying there is a problem, and takes her. Speaking to Seema, Pallavi says I take care of everything. Pallavi asks Krishna if she had checked the quality, Krishna says she did, Pallavi says the sari is dropping the color and so Seema is asking a lot I am also late because you are not here and I am alone here at home, I can’t afford it you need to check . Pallavi remembers Raghav’s words as a failure, Pallavi says I will go and meet him, Krishna says function, Pallavi says if someone asks me if I work.

Pre-Cap: Nikhil’s friend tells the whole family that he saw Pallavi with Raghav, Nikhil says let’s go we’ll get her, Vijay says no one can get her and if they do they will see me dead.
Sharda has found a pregnancy test report, Sulochana said, “Let’s go to Pallavi’s hospital and check it.”
Update credit to: Tanaya