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Only Amrita can have an abortion in this house, who will do the rest, says Sharda. Sulochana Sauce Pallavi, she has done many things behind you, Sharda slapped Sulochana.

Raghav called Pallavi and asked for a blueprint of the shops and asked him to send it to his house in half an hour.

Raghav suffocates on food

Sometime back

Sharda teases Pallavi, and says just tell me one thing you were with Raghav, yes Pallavi said yes, Sharda says Pallavi, why are you giving people a chance to talk, I will not stop you from working with him, but there is a time to work and you follow him No need to explain that Siddhesh goes inside and says just give you a pack and we are going to Kolhapur, Pallavi says I am not going anywhere, Siddhesh says you can’t see that he was out of the house for his work, late at night but appreciate him Didn’t feel but are angry at you, they didn’t let Nikhil find you, they are selfish people. Pallavi says she is swearing for no reason, she is right I should have informed someone and knowing that people are discussing you I should have been wary of Raghav, but I did not feel that I lost so much on that work call, I had worked so hard As for that order I just told Krishna and I am safe because of Raghav, Siddhesh Pallavi says why don’t you understand, Pallavi says because she is my mother and I know where I am, will you stop our mother? Baba and Vijay are upset with Raghav and I will take care of it and I will not give up that this is my home, says Siddhesh Pallavi think again, don’t decide that you will have to repent later

Pallavi apologizes to Sharda and says that even Dada should not speak to you in this tone, Sharda left smiling.

Pallavi walks towards Vijay, the door closes on her face, Raghab is upset with tears due to Amma’s behavior, he sits in his old room.

Sarada gives the sari for ironing and finds a receipt, she found out that my pregnancy was an abortion report. A man comes to Pallavi’s shop with her store bag and says I got it in Jetti Jewelers, I can see some sarees for my wife, Pallavi greets him at the shop and shows the sarees, he picks one and she packs it and asks for your sarees and the pouches are very good , But buy so old, thank you anyway.
Pallavi says Krishna is right, we need to renovate the shop. Pallavi gets a call from Raghav and he says I want a blueprint in the shop in half an hour at my house, Pallavi asks if, Raghav is asking to build an underground tunnel and rob his shop, Pallavi stops the call and says he can’t answer correctly. Krishna starts smiling.

Amrita just tells Fruit Diet for the wedding on the call, I can’t wait, Sharda is dancing to her, Amrita disconnects the call and asks Kakula, Sharda calls Sulochana and shows her abortion receipt, Sulochana says she has nothing. The name is just last name, does Sulochana say call me, Sharada says Amrita what is all this, what Amrita asks, Sharda says it is yours, you have friends, boy friend you hang out with them late at night, I don’t like it but Sulochana Surochana “She is my daughter, there are other girls too. Who else will be here,” said Sulochana. “You don’t like dragging my daughter there.” She doesn’t like to show dislike, she is on the wrong path, Sulochana said Pallavi is also in this house, she is walking behind you a day back now, Sarada slaps Sulochana.

At Raghav’s house Pallavi, discussing the layout of the shop with the architect, Raghav tells him to start work, Pallavi is happy and asks you to renovate the shop, Raghav says you will start work after 1 day after you leave, I make this godown I know that You will leave, what does Pallavi say you are, I thought I was helped, Raghav says one day I saved you the next day when you came in front of the truck. Sulochana says I am because of Vijay Dada otherwise I can slap him too, Tina and Abhishek were already telling us about Raghav and Pallavi and before going to Kolhapur Pallavi went to the doctor, Pallavi was not at home all night, she spent the whole night with her. Raghav will open a shop in Mall, Siddhesh says, Sulochana said you should control your sister at that time and Sharda my daughter can marry anyone, this can make me Pallavi, Vijay says stop nonsense Pallavi will never do that, Sulochana says) You were angry with Pallavi because She meets Raghav, and you tear her check too, call her something and ask her where she is and I am sure she will be with Raghav.

Pallavi says enough Raghav, Raghav starts lunch, Pallavi says I should have beaten you back, and now I don’t want to talk to you, Pallavi got a call from the phone that the battery was low, she turned around and saw Raghav choking on food. Pallavi says you can’t eat properly, what can be won in that challenge and Raghav would have fallen on the table and removed the food pressed on him and hit him hard on the back, Pallavi takes him down from the table, asks water are you ok, Raghav says you tell me After killing so much, Pallavi says that yesterday you gave me business advice, don’t give me life advice while feeding me and don’t consider my humanity as my friendship, because you are my enemy and I am giving up what I see to defeat you. .

Pre Cap: After leaving Raghav’s life, Sulochana told Pallavi what you are asking and I have given Pallavi a receipt for the abortion.
Pallavi says it is not mine, I can prove it.
The doctor says I know Pallavi you didn’t expect to get pregnant that’s why we aborted your baby.
Raghav grabbed Vijay’s collar and said show anger in your house, Pallavi yells at Raghav to let him go.

Update credit to: Tanaya