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Bhima notices that Sai takes his bag. Are you going to collect begging now? Sai nods. I urgently need to collect something. Bhima is the reason he doesn’t leave so soon. You can’t eat anything yet. Sai says that if I miss this thing, there will be a problem. He left. Bhim wonders what this could be.

Bright smiled at the thought of his sister’s words on the way to school. Tai is right. I will work hard and make myself a better person. Gangaram met Ujwal on the way. Gangaram compares Ujjwal to his father. Any father would be heartbroken to have a foolish son. You can cure a disease but not stupidity! He leaves with his friend. Ujjwal thinks of his father’s harsh words and slaps. He runs in the opposite direction and sits under a tree. Shouts from the bright heart. Sai begs. Ujjwal says I have nothing to give you. Sai says then promise. Promise me to beg the moment you get your first salary. Bright became sad. I do not deserve to study. Dad calls me stupid. I can’t do anything, study or work. So how can I give you anything? Sai asks Ujjwal if he goes to school regularly? Do you scare me too I am your friend You don’t hide anything from your friends. Ujjwal says I can’t go there. They will laugh at me. Sai says you don’t want to go there. I never went to school! This is another option for learning. Ujjwal gets curious. Another option? Sai nods. We will learn in a school called Life. There are big and easy lessons. Is it true that Ujjwal asks him? Sai nods. Will you come with me

The postman gives the letter to Vallabh Bhadke. Vallabh reads. He informs his wife and daughter about his hospitality. Nirmala hugged him. I’m so glad you deserve it. Sarojini thanks God. Gives prasad to both of them. This is good news. Vallabh nods. I was happy to receive the fruits of my labor today. I have been invited with family. We will go together. Nirmala says we should make a lot of prep. We will put on new clothes. You should also decorate the house. She tries to argue whether it is necessary but insists that it should be done. She starts deciding on clothes for herself and Ujjwal for her mother but Vallabh announces that Ujjwal will not go there. I will be honored there. I don’t want to be ashamed of it. No one will tell fools about this function! He left. Nirmala tells her mother that Ujjwal will be heartbroken to hear about this event. Sarojini is in tears. Why are you doing this, Lord? Our son is amazing. So why is his life in danger? Why is he yearning for his father’s love? Don’t give him so much pain. He probably won’t be able to handle it. I have heard that you have helped those who are innocent. So why did you leave my son alone? Do something Please show a ray of joy and hope in his life.

Sai and walking holding bright hands. Sai criticizes that Ram ji will fix everything, my. There is only faith and patience. Sai gives fruit to Ujjwal. Bright bites and tells Sai that it is too sweet. Sai shows him many beautiful objects / animals as he goes. When life can teach so many beautiful lessons, Ujjwal asks Sai why he needs a guru and school. Sai chooses another path that will make the bright curious. They reach the excavated corners. Ujjwal says there is a little pit. How do we go beyond that? Sai answers that this is what life teaches. There may be potholes, obstacles along the way but one should not stop. You must cross them. The bright surprise is that they should go into that pit and then cross it. Sai nods. They say bright to be dangerous. We cannot safely step into it. You too can get hurt if you are not careful. Sai puts some sticks to make way. Ujjwal is relieved. Sai says that this is what is taught in school in Guru.

Sai brought Ujjwala to the school and told Srikanth that his student had lost his way. I brought him back. Srikant tells Ujjwal that he will have to face those problems. It is not foolish to try to avoid them. I grieve you for what you do not know. That’s all I’m here to teach. It’s not yours, it’s my problem now. Ujjwal says I will learn. I have promised Sai that I will not stop coming to school. I don’t stop learning. Shrikant compliments him. Let’s go inside. Thanks to Ujjwal Sai who gave him a sweet sweet blessing. Srikanth takes Ujjwala with him. Looks at the bright psyche before going inside.

Srikant asks Ujjwal to sit down. 2 kids discuss how Ujjwal ran away yesterday. Today he will run away because he is nothing but a fool.

Sai laughs as he leaves.

The kids ask if Ujjwal doesn’t really know anything. Are you dumb

Sai says people can make jokes and comment as they wish. Many people, who can be successful, fail after being affected by these things. Those who learn to overcome / ignore it win.

Srikanth is teaching Sanskrit in the classroom. Ujjwal has his attention.

Sarojini, Nirmala and their maid are somewhere on the head. Sai pays attention to them and stops in his tracks.

Srikanth asks for money during a math class. The children begin to fix them. Bright is finished before everyone else. Srikanth checks his answers. He tells Ujjwal to stand up. Adhere to the bright. Srikanth says he was the only one who solved it properly. Shrikant praises him so everyone applauds for the bright.

Sai smiled.

It’s a lunch break. All the children sit down to eat with their groups. Bright looks at them. Bella, the king and the other girl walk up to Ujjwal and introduce him. Bright joins them.

Nirmala and Sarojini are preparing preps for the event. That’s when Ujjwal comes home. He was surprised to see flowers and gifts. What are they for? There is no occasion today. She lies to him. Ujjwal walked towards his room.

Sai says the truth cannot be hidden. Sooner or later the child is bound to find the truth. The best moment of a father’s life is life-changing for his son.

The next day, when Ujjwal joins, Srikant opens the class. Srikant lovingly puts money on his head. They both stepped inside.

Prep: A man notices his grandson sleeping. His feet are towards the temple. He slapped DIL for making his son commit this sin. Sai suggests him to turn his feet in the direction that God is not.

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