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Prika noticed the police coming towards the cell and became tense. Prakash signaled to Anjali and they both hid. Anjali said they must have understood that you were not in the mansion. Prakash refused. They may have heard something about Molki and they may have come here to see it. You should not be caught. We will end otherwise!

Thank you Inspector for bringing Priyu. We can’t find Didi anywhere. Maybe she has been moved from here. Observers say we found that phone right here. Let’s take a look around.

The goons argue with each other about what kind of work they have done. The children throw grass at them. They are scared. Manas and Juhi throw the glasses on the ground, cover the area with grass and rope to keep the cattle from falling. One goon is reluctant to do anything but the other tells him to move on. They step on the pieces of glass and scream in pain. The other goon put Parvi’s foot on the outside of the duvet and pointed at the other. She is hiding there! Manas and Juhi showed him the knife. Don’t you dare hurt our elephant!

Prakash and Anjali leave the backdoor. The inspector just came in and found the room empty. Anjali suggests walking back to the warehouse. Let’s ask the goons about Molki. Loved the idea of ​​lighting.

The goons told the children to leave but Juhi threatened to stay away. Prakash and Anjali hide when the children notice. Anjali decided to intervene but Prakash stopped her. If you go there now, they will doubt you. We will then be sent to prison. Let things happen by themselves. If you want to go to jail you can go.

The goons try to scare the children but Manas tells them that he did not allow them to reach the elephant. They show guns to children. Priyu and Sudha plead with them to save the children but in vain. A goon snatched a knife from Juhi’s hand. Another goon tells the children to step aside again. Keep the kids. Instead the goons decided to shoot the kids. Priyu throws a box in their hands, takes the children and runs into a corner. Police chased the goons. The rest of the goons call the light. The police are here. She was lying unconscious near the east window. Take her with you before the police find her. They come and take it and the police fight with other goons. They manage to catch those 2 thugs successfully.

Sudha, Priyu and the children went where they were before but she is not there. Sudha tells the inspector that Purvi is not there. The inspector questions the goons but he shows innocence. They have been kidnapped by the police. The other inspector assured Pru and Sudha that they would get information about the former soon. He noticed that Prakash and Anjali had slipped away and called for release. Sudhana asked Prakash how she knew Purva was here. She asked the inspector if he had told her anything. He refuses. We told them, ‘Don’t go out of the mansion.’ Anjali says we had no idea. We came here for an important work. The inspector repeats his words. We told you not to leave the mansion until we found it before. Anjali said that the manager had called us as some of the mills were not working. The inspector buys but does not take interest. She is sure that Anjali is hiding something. “It’s good that the goons have been caught and you (Manas and Juhi) are safe,” Prakash said. What are you two doing here Sudha shares that he is hiding in the trunk of the car. Prakash and Anjali are stunned.

Once at home, Prakash hit the children to endanger their lives. What if you died? Mansi and Juhi tell her that they have gone there to save the elephant. Hathi called Baba on her phone. She was asking for help so we went there. Anjali says you thought you could save your hand from that forest. They’ve gotten so bad! What if something happened between the two of you? How could we have faced Virender? He would have killed us! You should both be punished. You will no longer be fed. Anjali and Prakash sat down to eat. Manas and Juhi eyes saddened by the meal. Anjali sternly tells them to leave. You will not receive food or be forgiven! The children stare sadly and miss the elephant and dad. Manas says our hands have never done this to us. She is very good for us.

Sudha said I think Bhabhi had lied. I didn’t see any important work there. How did she suddenly get into the godown? She is responsible for Purvi’s disappearance. Priyu asks her what she is saying. Sudha’s reason is that Anjali doesn’t like it before. Once Virendra left the city for a few days, she disappeared. I’m sure it was a well-planned move. Preeti says it is important to find Didi now. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sudha assures her that they will succeed soon.

Children cannot sleep because of hunger. They accidentally go to the kitchen. Anjali and Jyoti are watching something. Why did Anjali go to the kitchen? She closes the fridge door on their face. Have you both started stealing now? That maid must have taught you how to steal! Manas tells her not to say anything against their elephant. She is very good and you are bad. Anjali decides to show them what is wrong. She drags them into their room. I know very well how to fix kids like you. Write me sorry Anjali aunty 100 times. You will not be able to sleep until you have served your sentence! The children take out their notebooks and start writing. Anjali tells them to keep writing. His hands hurt but she is stiff. He gives his notebook to Anjali. She laughs badly. Very nice You can sleep now. You won’t get lunch at school for what your aunt did. I apologize again! She left. Juhi comforts the crying mind. When will it come to hand? We can’t live without you

The next morning Praksha talks to Virendra. Everything is fine here. I will manage things here. She ends the call. Anjali asks her what she will say when Virendra returns. Prakashane says that the problem will be solved. I handle everything. We must decide what to do next. How do we finish this chapter of Molki before Virender returns?

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