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Prakashi says that I am thinking of how to finish this chapter of Molki before Virendra returns. Where are the children Anjali tells them what she does. I can finally breathe in peace as he goes to school. Anyway, my friends want to come for the kitty party. I have one today. Prakash said that is cool. Go and prep for it. Anjali nodded.

Manas and Juhi look at the children as they eat. A child asks them why they are sitting like this. Doesn’t your stepmother give you some food today? Manas tells him not to say anything. She is not our stepmother, she is an elephant. She always gives us food. She asks her if she ran away and laughed? Other kids join in. Juhi takes Manas out. Mansi says we must find the elephant or these people will continue to harass us. The elephant’s life seems to be in danger. Juhi agrees. They have decided to do something to find a way to save the elephant. Manas tells his sister to think of something. There are so many things to think about when you want to get your hands dirty. She tells him the plan in his ear.

Anjali is excited for the party and is cooking with Jyoti. Set a good song. Jyoti begs her to dance Nagin. Anjali tells her to start. I will follow you. Jyoti shows her how it happened. Jyoti has recorded her video.

Teachers ask children to give them books. When books are collected from students, Manas puts glue on her seat. It quickly takes its place before it starts to turn. Manas hides his smile as soon as he sits on her chair.

Anjali is having fun doing Nagin style dance.

The teacher realizes that a book is lost. She tries to get up from the chair but fails. The kids start laughing. She stands up and the chair sticks to her clothes. Who did this? A child points to the mind. He quickly leaves the class when she tells him to get out.

Juhi is drawing something on the board. When she enters the classroom the children greet the teacher but then start laughing. It asks who asks them. Juhi stood up. Did you like it The teacher tells her to come out. Juhi thanks her, picks up her bag and leaves.

Anjali got a call from the school. The principal asks her how she relates to the children. Anjali says I am his aunt. He says we called his parents and no one else. Anjali said they are out of town. I’m just like their mother. The children look at each other. The principal says they are not good children. If you are like a mother to them, how are you raising her? He tells her about the bad things the children have done. You are also responsible for what they did today. Anjali says I take care of them. He does not agree. What can we expect a mother to teach her children when they cannot feed them? You are not doing well at all. Do you want to turn them into wounds? Are my words changing you for the better or are you stubborn too? Anjali promised to teach them a lesson at home.

Prakashika is noticed coming home with Anjali’s children. Did they arrive early today? Anjali said the school has sent them home. They have become very naughty. The principal was talking rudely to me and blaming me for things. These kids probably spoil my party. What do i do The publisher tells the children not to leave the room. They promise her. Prakash says I would look the worst if any of you left your room. Anjali asked Bhuri to keep the children locked in their room. Manas asks her to feed him something. Instead, she offers to slap them. Juhi pleads with her to save her brother. He is not hungry

The doorbell rings. Anjali greets her friends.

Manas pulled Juhi aside. We successfully implemented Plan No.1. It’s time to dump her and move on. Juhi says that before that we have to teach Auntie a memorable lesson. Bhuri leads them upstairs.

The inspector beat the goons. He insists he knows nothing about the chief. The inspectors also demanded to know who had abducted them earlier. They scream and scream in pain but say nothing. Sudha and Priyu are out. They ask the inspectors if they found anything. He says they are not talking right now but we will not leave any stone unturned. Go home now We will auction them off.

Juhi and Manas are in the garden.

The proxy asks her goons if they are hiding the maid well. He told her that they had moved East to another place. She tells him to take care. The police are looking for you. I’ll tell you when someone needs to move. Don’t be lenient with her now. The police will not release you if you are caught. Guwahati assures us that no one will be found before this time. The light and the children do not see each other.

The mind points Juhi to a corner. We’ll find it there. Juhi puts her in the glass.

Sudha came into the air. Anjali is playing cards with her friends. Her friends ask Anjali about the past. Anjali’s lie is that she has gone to your house. She looked at Sudha and led her to a corner. Is everything alright Sudha said I know if I have heard anything from Purvi. Anjali refused. Police are searching for her. I’ll tell you when I find out. Sudha asks her why she lies to her friends. Anjali says she is missing. I hid it to maintain respect for the village, this house and the past. People will start chatting if they find out about it. You should go now. Your friend is lost. Mine are here Give me a little pleasure. She joins her friends. Sudha passed away. Jyoti won the game. Anjali’s friends ask Anjali to bring dal makhani and biryani as planned. Anjali assures her that she has made memorable food for them. She tells Bhuri to bring food.

The children go to the kitchen through the window. They have collected a bottle full of worms. Bhuri is going to the kitchen. Manas and Juhi take a meal for themselves on a plate and combine an insect and a frog in the rest of the food. Bhuri closes the window as soon as she enters the kitchen. She eats out. Juhi tells Manas that his work is done. Let’s eat now and enjoy the play. The aunt will now understand what it means to mess with children.

Prep: Ali and her friends jumped to avoid worms and frogs. Anjali upstairs sees the children laughing and eating. You did it! She locked them in a cell (mostly in glory) to rot. You won’t find anything here! Purvi makes video calls to Juhi and Manas. They ask her where she is. She says I don’t know but I’ll be with you soon. Don’t tell anyone we’ve spoken to. Take care of yourself

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