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The inspector thanked the publication for its cooperation. We talked to everyone in the house but we didn’t understand anything. The light rings. She recognizes the number. It was this goon who was abducted earlier. Did she do anything? The goon calls her again. The inspector is still there so Prakash could not attend his call. The phone rings for the third time. Whose phone is this? You look stressed. The publisher is lying that she is her aunt in Rohtak. Anjali is confused but progress handles the situation. Inspectors tell them that no one can get out of the air unless found earlier. This is a government order. He leaves with his team.

This time the publisher picked up the phone. The old man has fled, the goon told Pragati. Prakash told her to find her or I would kill you. The goon shouts with a knife in his hand. Notices the previously broken door / window and leans towards it for help. She was injured in the process. Hearing her scream, the goon came in that direction but she hid. He continues his search. You can’t leave us! East begins to feel dizzy and fall down. She wondered if she was able to meet Chief G and the children again.

Virendra is also thinking about the past. Virendra thinks about how angry he was with her recently. Thinking about the happy moments spent with Purvi children and Virendra. Purvi is gone.

Sudha gives the phone number to the inspector. Purvi called the children from this number. She shared that she was kept in a warehouse behind Witness Mills. At that time, the case came to the notice of the Uttar Pradesh Police. I will brief Chamula and send an officer to fetch her immediately. Priu says the kids shared that the call was suddenly cut off. We are very nervous. The inspector assures them that they will get it as soon as possible. He gives the number to the constable to find the location.

Prakash has told Anjali that he has lost the witness as well. I slowly lose the game. I don’t know what to do! Anjali says curse your fats as we lost the game when we were about to win. The inspector has told us not to leave the mansion either. Nothing can be done now. She proved to be even stronger. Prakash scolded her for speaking negatively all the time. You can say that we will find that mole but you only say bad things. Nothing like that happens as long as I’m alive. The police will not come before tomorrow. We have tonight. We will go out of the mansion and kill that maid. No one will find anything. This is called smartness!

The maid brings milk for Manas but he refuses. I will complain about you to my grandmother. You haven’t given me chocolate milk since the elephant disappeared. The maid is ready to bring him immediately but he leaves to complain.

If the police caught them, Anjali asked Prakash. I’m a little scared when they get home. Prakash says you are easily scared. I don’t like it about you. I want to take revenge on Molki so I will not be afraid. I will cut her into small pieces and grind them. Come with me if you want or I will go alone. I will send her to her place today. The mind hears this. Grandma looks frightened by the elephant. She is hitting everyone. Will she also condemn the elephant when she is found? We have to save the elephant from grandmother’s anger. You have to find her before you become a grandmother.

Juhi Manas notices that she is packing her bags. Share what you are doing is going to save hands. She asks him how. We don’t know where she is. Manas says Grandma does and she is going there. She will condemn the elephant so let’s tell the elephants everything first. Juhi asks her how they will get there. He tells her a plan in her ear. That high-five.

Bhuri tells Pragati that she has kept medicines and other important items in the bag. The kids go out with bags. They have left water bottles on the bed. Prakashika tells Bhuri to take care that no one can find out about her and Anjali’s disappearance. Juhi and Manas came out so that no one could see them.

Brown puts food to keep the car in the light. Juhi and Manas reached the car safely. Judy says for a reason that the place looks really far away until Grandma takes the lunch box. What do you eat He shows a packet of biscuits. She asks about water. He realized that they had forgotten. She stopped him from going inside again. He is dangerous. They see Prakash and Anjali coming out and hiding in the bushes.

Prasashi tells the driver to take Sakshi to Mills. Drive fast. Juhi says we will be with our elephant soon. Manas is scared but Juhi reminds him that Hathi wins the battle not by fear. Manas is tired but Juhi assures him that they will be there soon. Anjali is hungry. Prakash asked the driver to stop the vehicle at the dhaba. Juhi and Manas watch them eat. The mind is hungry. Juhi says the biscuits are over. We should save some for the rest of the way. Juhi tells Manas not to be sad. I’ll bring you something. He is unhappy but they feel they need water. Manas says our elephant should also be hungry. Now we will eat with the elephant. We will not eat before that. Juhi proudly hugs her brother. The kids are a little tempted to eat but do nothing.

Prakash takes the car from the back of the house. Anjali and Prakash go inside. The driver checks the air in the tires. He notices that the trunk is open and it is locked. The children cry out for help. Manas is scared but Juhi assures him that he will be fine. He starts coughing. Oxygen is also low. Juhi will heal him. They keep screaming for help.

All the goons have gathered but they have not been found before. The publisher tells them to look carefully. She can’t go very far. The goon says she hasn’t eaten anything for 2 days. She will not have the strength to walk. Anjali seconds him. They begin to search again.

Purvi got up. I will jump out of this window. She tries to open it.

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