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The children ask where the elephants are. The former was emotional. How do they ask her. She assures him that she is fine. How are you both They reply that they are OK. Tell us where you are. We’ll come find you soon! Purvi says I don’t know where I am but I promise I’ll be home soon. Are you both ok I’m really worried for you Manas says nothing is right. Aunt Anjali had locked us in the cell!

Anjali has gone to the children’s room. I have to make sure again that they don’t do any harassment again. Mama G hit me for no reason. He doesn’t respect me at all?

Juhi asks Hathi when she will come. Mansi complains to Hathi about Chathi. She doesn’t even give us food. The former tells them not to cry. She asked Juhi to wipe away her tears. Juhi does as he is told. Where r u The former says I don’t know. Where is daddy Please let me talk to him once. Manas shares that he is not at home. Juhi says all we know is that he went out for some work. Purvi realized that the goons were coming. Shush! I need to end the call now. Don’t tell anyone we talked. I would get in trouble again otherwise. He said yes. Anjali is about to open the door when Preeti asks her something. The former requests the children again. They promise her. The former says stay with your laptop in the evening. I will try to contact you again. Please stay around. Manas assures her of this. The former sends them flying kisses and they literally hug her. I love you, elephant. East shuts down the laptop.

Anjali jerked open the door. She finds children praying. The laptop has also been turned off.

The former is pretending to sleep again. The goons tell her to eat. She doesn’t move so they walk away.

Anjali asks the children what they want during this hour. They say that elephants taught them to pray to God every night before going to bed. That’s what we were doing. Anjali tells them to go to bed when they are done. She turns to go but Juhi calls her in a sweet voice. We can’t sleep unless the elephant tells us to sleep. She’s not here so can you do this for me? Manas asks her if she doesn’t like it. Juhi tells him okay. We can call Grandpa. They shout at Dadu in unison but Anjali agrees to tell them a story. She hears Jyoti’s voice and takes her inside. She tells the children that Jyoti Masi will tell them a story tonight. She goes away thinking that she will sleep peacefully but Manas asks her to give him a milkshake before going to bed like an elephant. Anjali shakes hands. It’s over. Manus says Dadu can get it. Juhi yells at Dadu again. Anjali does not ask them to wake up. I will do it. She tells Jyoti to tell the story. Jyoti begins to tell her story.

The next morning Anjali brings food for the children. The mind calls it boring. Juhi says we won’t get to eat this at all. Manas asks the sandwich. Anjali tell them to eat the prepared food or go to hell. Manas asks his sister if Dadu should go instead. Anjali got scared when she shouted at Dadu again. She simply agrees to make sandwiches for them.

The children shout to wake Anjali. What she asks them. Juhi tells her to get up. We have to go to school too. Where is our dress Anjali tells them to take Bhuri’s help instead. Refusing to help her, he yelled at Dadu again. Anjali sighed as she helped them get ready. They chase her out of the house for work. She tells them to go to school now but Juhi sends her for another job. Anjali then tells Jyoti to press her legs well. Not the corner of the house I wasn’t in today! Jyoti says you haven’t done anything to date but they can do you a lot of work in one day! You were so lazy and useless before! Anjali is looking at her with shock.

Pragati tells Anjali that Preeti knows a woman named Suman. She can fix my sprain. Anjali tells her to go. I will manage everything. The children say goodbye to their grandparents. Anjali decided to take revenge on the former as she could not do anything to the children. Although her jewelry is still not in the house! I deserve her jewelry. I will steal them today. Jyoti asks who will ask her. Anjali says we will do both. Jyoti hesitates but Anjali tells her that she has a plan. We will leave the mansion and then return to the dress. Our faces will be covered. No one will be able to recognize us. Jyoti was excited. That’s high-five!

The teacher greets Manas and Juhi (the same teacher who is harassing the children). The mind has a high fever. The teacher sends him home with the soldiers. Juhi tells Manas to go home and rest. Tell Grandpa to take care of you.

Manas is losing his sister. It’s not fun to be alone here. He picks up his binoculars and sees two children approaching. They seem to be thugs. They are trying to break into the mansion. There are no guards. What do i do He calls the two paused couples to him for help. They hear his voice but no one sees it so they run away after appearing on the call. The mind wonders how to stop the goons. What can I do alone? Who should I tell? He decides to say elephant. She will definitely help me. He closes the door of his room and switches to the laptop. He calls the elephant back.

I was shocked to hear the ring. She picks it up. Manas tells her about the thugs. No one is home. I am all alone. Please come Purvi wonders how he can stay home alone. What if they tried to hurt him? She tells him to calm down. She tells him a plan next (silently) and they end the call.

Juhi wonders if Manas is OK. Neither Dad nor the elephant are at home. I have to go to him somehow. The teacher asks for her book. Juhi walks up to her but pretends to be dizzy. I don’t think so either. Maybe I just had a mental transition. The teacher sends her home with the soldiers. Juhi mentally tells Manas that she will stay with him now and take care of him.

The former now tells Manas to take a drone to the window of each room. Show me what’s going on. Yet no one should catch you. He nodded. He starts flying drones around the rooms. Manas tells Purvi that thugs have gathered in the house. He didn’t pick anything up though. The former tells him to follow them. They didn’t find anything. Manas shares that the thugs have gone to her room. The former tells him to get closer to the drone. The mind does it carefully. They are looking for something in your room. What do i do The former tells her to just stay there. Keep showing me what’s going on. He agrees.

Jyoti pulls the mask off Anjali’s face for a moment but Manas can’t see her so her back face is exposed. Anjali asks Jyoti what happened. Jyoti asks her in a low voice about the jewelery so Anjali asks her to speak loudly. Jyoti speaks very loudly next time. Anjali slapped her again. The light fell down. Anjali said you will be caught and get me in trouble too. Jyoti said that she is not a Spiderman who is a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little, a little. A small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small, a small. One can see well through the small holes Anjali calmed down. Let me find out why we’re here. She opens the cupboard.

Manas tells Purvi that he seems to be looking for something. Purvi asks him if she can show her face?

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