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Scene 1
Iravati’s black magic got the story stuck and started going to the roof. Yuga is dancing at the party with Gunjan and she can’t see. The story makes her video in which she records some messages (silently). She puts her phone there and goes to the end of the roof. The story stands on the roof and is about to jump out of there. She jumps off the roof but falls into a truck with grass in it so she survives. Iravati of others fainted due to her tremendous magic.

The queen comes to Yuga and says that the story is missing. Yug says she was just here, I find her. The moth says I searched everywhere. Rupa says I am looking for her. Grandma tells them to stop it. Saroj asks Yuga if she is so important to you? Yug ignores her and calls out the story. Gunjan says she is losing but Yuga is worried? Yug says she doesn’t pick up the call, he says I’ll go and find her. He goes from there. Grandma says he’s crazy.

Yuga falls out of the house and calls out the story. He goes down the street with the queen and finds her. The queen shouted as he consoled her and said we would find her. Let’s go home now.

Yug comes home and says where did she go? Saroj says it was a happy moment. The queen said what if someone kidnapped her? Grandma says your sister has to act every day. Gunjan tells Yuga that this is her play so you can go and find her, forget about her. Ronak says I found her phone and it has a video in it. Yug looks at her video in which the story goes that I can’t see the dancer’s shadow on Rupa’s baby, I’m leaving this house so the baby won’t be bothered. I have sent Lucky to the village, tell the queen to go back home too. The video ends. Yuga says how to do this? Ronak says she did and made this video for us. Grandma tells the queen to get out of there now. Yuga says the queen will not go anywhere. What does Saroj say? Yuga says if Kini is not here then Rani is my responsibility. Rupa thinks the story saved my baby so I have to take care of her sister. Rupa said the age is right. Ronak tells her to take care of her son. Yuga tells Ronak to be humane but you are useless. Gunjan tells Yuga that you are also responsible for me. The queen says it’s okay Yuga, the story told me to leave this house so I won’t stay here. She leaves from there. Sees the age. Raunak asks if Rani and Lucky will hear the story.

The queen is packing her things and shouting. She remembers the story telling these people that they don’t understand her feelings. The queen said is she really leaving or is there some trick? Rupa comes there and says that your sister is like that, she didn’t leave when everyone tried but she is very worried about the children so she left for my baby. The queen said she was like that. Rupa said she will meet you. She gives him the money and says you need it. The queen says I can’t take it. Rupa said I am giving you as a sister. Rupa hugs her and smiles. Saroj comes there and asks if they are done? Saroj asks Rani, how much do you love your sister? The queen says more than anyone. Saroj says don’t come back to this house. Get out of here. The queen says I will be hungry but will not return to this house. Saroj tells her to pack her bags and leave. Rupa told her to take care of herself and left with Saroj.

The queen brings her luggage into the lounge and starts to leave. She tells Yuga that you didn’t do the story right. Yuga says what did I do? The queen says you will find the answers. Yuga says I don’t want to leave you like that. The story took you. The queen says we had to leave this house one day. They both left so I have to go too. She starts to walk away, Yuga tries to stop her but Saroj pulls her back and says you know how to stop me. Gunjan said she will go to the story, it is her responsibility and not yours. Yuga says leave me alone. Saroj says stay here as she is gone. Ronak says Iravati conveyed the message that she would have to leave for some work. Yuga says first leave the story and then Iravati .. If Iravati is behind the disappearance of the story, it will not be good. Gunjan and Saroj catch Yuga so he can’t leave. Ronak says we can’t move now. He leaves from there.

Saroj has tied Yuga to the chair. Yuga says, when will you bind me? Saroj says until you know who your family is. Grandma tells Yuga that the dancer is not our family, we should be by our side. Saroj told him to stop running after the story. Juhi brings tea for them. Ronak says that so far the story may have left the city so the era could not reach them. He leaves Juhi. Yuga got up from the chair. Raunak tells him that the story is fine, she did everything for my son but what did you do for your family? You are running away from your responsibilities. Rupa said let her stay now. The story will not leave the queen alone, she will take her with her. Gunjan tells Yuga that I understand that you are attached to her but you need to understand that storytelling is a bad habit so you should forget her. Rupa tells Yuga to let them happen. Juhi gives it to him and tells him to calm down. The age goes away from there.

Yuga sat with the sleeping sun. Yug says I made a mistake, I couldn’t do anything for the story but I want to do it now. You will recover soon and tell her about her family so I can reunite her with her. The family is right to say that the story fulfilled her responsibilities but I did not. I will do my duty as a friend as well as for humming. You will be fine soon. Ronak hears this and I’m worried about my milky white.

The kite got a call from someone and someone told him to jump out of the building near our house? Ronak listens and asks who? I don’t know the full story. He goes to have breakfast. Ronak says what if Iravati did something with the story? Where is she Give me some hints to find her. He asks Bhole Nath to help him find her. You can’t do this kind of my love story. Do something and urge me to find her so I can start a new life with her.

The story is still hollow and unconscious. The truck stopped near a temple. The driver sees her in the car and tells her father. They call the doctor. The family brought the story home. A doctor comes to check on her and says I think we are late. The woman asked him to try and bring her back. One person died in this house so we won’t even kill her.

Yug begs Bhole Nath not to take the story from Lucky and Rani. Take care of the story and protect it.

The episode ends.

Update credit to: Atiba