On The Path Of Love (Chapter 9: Living Life or Leaving Life) RiAnsh – Telly Updates

Chapter: To live life or to leave life?

Morning, cold weather,
People with winter cold breezes, leather jackets.
London’s tram was heading to the airport,
A man sitting on a window seat, in formal, neat beard, hair perfectly set, lean body, hungry voice, whole decent man,
With laptops and airpods,
Typing… .A fast bullet was on the train and call,
“Angry, mail me that presentation as soon as possible”
And back to work
In the front seat was a girl, wearing a camel hair coat, muffler, open straight silk hair and glasses, with novels, earphones with soft music. Her face was covered with the novel, when she heard the bone sound of the boy sitting in front of her, she peeked through her novel and saw his face and thought,
“God !!! This guy is very busy with his work man. Not even enjoying the serenity of nature, the weather outside is so beautiful. What do you think I should tell him to look outside… .. ummm… .. don’t say no, don’t say, don’t say ”
Riddhima to Vamsa,
“Sorry Mr.”
He asks, “Yes, what? Want something? “
She answers, “No.” Actual… .. yes. ”
He raises his eyebrows and says, “What are you talking about?”
She says, “No I didn’t say the weather is nice so the eyes will be happy”
He gets confused and says, “So what?”
“So you don’t think you should turn off your laptop and enjoy the pure beauty”
He is frustrated and says, “And who are you to tell me what to do and what not to do?”
She smiled and said, “Me? I’m a fellow passenger sitting in front. “
“Oh, but I don’t think you’re acting like a passenger.”
She asked him to control his laughter, “Do you know how a traveler behaves?”
“Yes, of course.”
“I’m so curious to know, how do they behave?”
Vanash replies in frustration, “They. Don’t. To knock Their. Nose. In their. Fellow travelers. Matter “
Idddhima approached him and said, “Look how successfully I’ve wasted your time, I knew you wouldn’t be able to turn off your laptop, the airport is here, look, but without that I mean, no work you do yourself Is it important not to give a little time? If what you are doing now were so important, you would have ignored my foolish talk, but you did not. Think of it as Miss Miss Passenger’s advice. ”She smiled and left.
He thinks, “Who was she? Why didn’t I ignore her silly talk? Why am I thinking so much about her now? Leave it at Phewwww ”
He gets off the tram, goes to the airport and sits in the waiting hall, he looks at everyone in confusion and thinks,
“Now again eight hours journey, how do people travel in flight? Even though I am ‘Warta Rai Singhania’ who is not afraid of anything, but there is flight … it is so horrible. I always try to avoid air travel, but this time I had no choice, as Ishani and Angre got busy a few weeks ago, both of them need time. I always send Aryan abroad, but she also went on a trip. I can’t bring Nitya for business work. When I was coming to London, I thought that my neighbor should be confident, so I would be inspired, but I was not. She was an old woman, she was afraid of hell and she was afraid of me. The whole eight hour journey she was holding my hand… .. what cool. She did not know that she had dialed the wrong number. ”
Just then an old man sat next to him. Vanash looks at the passport and the ticket, he is holding the old man and thinks again,
“God !!! Same flight number. Please God is a trustworthy person at this time. He is partially shaking in the waiting hall. If he sits next to me and starts to tremble completely, I will feel personal turmoil in my seat. Either he will faint or I will faint. ”
The old man gives him a false look, the clan gives him a fake smile and thinks,
“He’s giving me such an ugly look, as if I was the cause of all the crash landings to date.”
A boy comes and sits next to him. He was talking very loudly on the phone, the tribe looks at him in frustration and asks, “Who is this now? Human JBL, its sound is more than 20,000 Hz. That’s why I don’t like air travel, anyone I meet thinks they are some of the antiques in the museum. Now look at him, he is shouting so loudly at the London airport, his voice will reach India. With the person he’s talking to, I hope his ears are safe, meaning his personal discussion has now become a community project. ”
Only then was it announced that the flight would depart shortly, with all passengers arriving with their boarding passes.
Once after all the checks, he was in a comfortable position in the flight. His fellow passenger who was putting his bag in the overhead box, none other than Riddhima, just then her bag fell on her and she slipped and fell on Warsh’s lap.
The clan opens her eyes in shock, she looks at her and says,
“You? First of all you don’t know how a traveler behaves and now you don’t know how a man behaves. ”
“Sorry, sorry… Actually I was putting my bag in the overhead box, but my height didn’t reach there, my bag fell on me and I fell on you.”
The tribe replied in despair, “Then what have you decided to sit on my lap till you come to India?”
Hearing him say that, she got up from his lap and he put her bag in the overhead box.
“Thank you,” she says. And she sat down next to him and left the flight. Frightened, the clan was quietly spinning its Rubik’s cube.
Riddhima to Vamsa,
“God, I’m going home after so many days. It was fun to travel here. Are you happy Oh yeah how fun you are, you’re probably busy with your laptop. Hahaha “
“Will you keep your mouth shut?”
“Do you have aerophobia?”
“How do you know?”
“Your anxious gestures. You are sitting as if trying to do something normal. Rubbing thoroughly, Rubik’s Cube is rotating “
She takes the Rubik’s Cube from his hand and starts playing with it.
In a fit of rage, the dynasty said, “What is your problem? Why are you always sniffing at me in every case? Give me back that cube “
“Hold your horses, Mister. I know you are using this Rubik’s Cube to distract yourself, but let me explain that this cube will definitely distract you but make you think more. You don’t want to be distracted, you want peace and a stress-free journey. You’re mixing both. Take this smile ball when you pump it, it will give you peace. ”
She gives him the ball and he closes his eyes and he sits comfortably. Until then she fixes the cube and returns it. He was stunned to see her, that she, like him, had fixed the cube in a few minutes. There was a disturbance shortly after the flight. As the fear of race grows and it begins to loom large. Riddhima, seeing his condition, tells him,
“Relax…. Relax… ..but, exhale”
But he does not listen to her and is afraid. She grabs his palm and starts rubbing it and tells him to hold her hand tightly. He puts it down and she says,
“Now close your eyes, sit comfortably and breathe… .. exhale …… inhale ……. Breathe “
He becomes normal and she asks,
“How are you?” He confesses and she laughs. She tells him,
“Open the window curtain and look out.”
He looked at her in shock and said,
“What? Are you crazy. Look, you helped me and I’m grateful for that, I’m thankful for that. You just saw that I was so scared and now you’re telling me to find out, what did you lose?”
She smiled and said,
“The only solution is to break the fear. You know, this fear is just an illusion, and if you fail it in reality, never overcome this fear. When you are afraid just by laughing, when you see fear smiling, fear will be created. Running away from fear is never the answer, deal with it. As long as and until you see the beauty of this journey, which I am sure you have never seen, you will never be free from your fears. I know we have a lot of feet on the ground, so you might be scared, but trust me nothing will happen. Ok wait
She takes the dark chocolate out of her bag and gives it to him,
“Eat this, it will stop your body from releasing stress hormones and it will not make you anxious. We believe that nothing will happen. “
He looks at her in defeat and takes a deep breath and says,
“You’re right. If I’m scared again, you’ll have to face the consequences.”
“Favvhva:. Nothing will happen and if anything happens by chance I am ready for the consequences. Okay … just hold my hand, you’ll feel like you’re not alone, someone is with you “
He took her hand and, taking a deep breath, opened the curtain, but closed his eyes,
“Mister, how can you see with your own eyes. Closed eyes will always give you darkness to see the sun you need to open your eyes. Open it, believe me, it’s beautiful outside “
He opened his eyes and was amazed at the beautiful view,

The blue sky with the white clouds, the flock of birds flying full of life, the sunlight peeking through the clouds, the sunlight falling on the window glass, warming the glass a little, he got warmth, his deep brown eyes became bright. A city in a small size is like a small block of some big world. He felt like he had seen a whole new world, a whole new life. He felt that everything had stopped, everything had stabilized, time had stopped. He was in such a high world.

He says
“This is crazy”
She smiled and said,
“You’re crazy, don’t look at this first. We know that we think our existence is too big but that is not the case. There is nothing greater than life and nature. There is nothing more pleasurable than living a different world, a different life. This is living life, and what we humans do is give up life. This is what your laptop can’t provide you. One suggestion, if you ever get a chance to save a life, save it. When you live life because of you, you will have tears in your eyes. ”
When she smiled at him, she would look at him with a smile and say something.
“Annnnnn .. enough today. Say what you want to say later. Now take these moments in your eyes and brain. Go to sleep now ”
He sleeps with his eyes closed. After a few hours the flight arrives in India. The dynasty had taken out her luggage and was about to say something. When she tells him,
“Bye… .. Bye. Bye .. I’m in a hurry. I have to go. Be careful. “And she left.

Fear… .. a feeling,
If you kill her, you can live.
If she kills you, you are alive,
Think about it
By the author