p≡p – The pEp email client with Encryption 1.1.251 Apk Mod latest | Download Android

☆ pEp is an email client for all types of email accounts

With PEp you organize all your existing mailboxes such as Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP or Exchange into a single Android app.
With encryption on the fly, different views, integrated inboxes, and multiple configuration options, PPE covers almost all needs. pEp makes email encryption easier because Signal performs encryption for Messenger.☆ privacy by default

pEp automatically and natively prevents emails from being read or modified. PEp is the easiest to use solution for email privacy.
pEp automatically encrypts using pEp, PGP or compatible solutions with all communication partners. pEp means very easy privacy, so the app handles all encryption tasks, including synchronization of secret keys between your pEp devices.☆ End-to-end encryption within your existing accounts

We are committed to maximize your communication privacy. Therefore we do not store any of your information on our servers. pEp is open-source and free of trackers. When using PEp end-to-end protection, only you and your communication partner can read a protected message.

☆ Enterprise – Ready on all your devices
pEp is also available for iOS, Outlook and soon Thunderbird add-ons.
Synchronization between various pEp applications is done automatically to make the user experience seamless. pEp protects private and public sector organizations, closing the door to compromise phishing and trade e-mail. pEp easily integrates into your organization’s existing infrastructure, eliminates all manual key maintenance and supports anti-virus, DLP and the like.

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