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The episode begins with Bua slapping Dhara and insulting her a lot. The stream shouts. She rejected God’s alliance. Dhara says you are misunderstanding me. Buwa slaps again. Janardhan says you really hit the stream. Dhara shouts again and pleads with them. Buwa slaps her. The stream fell down. Bua says you think you will be like us. The stream is thrown out of the house. Buwa beckons her and tells her to remember her quality. She asks how you would have thought I would accept the union of God and Ita Shita, it can never happen. People watch.

Gautam comes home and calls Dhara. Hardik comes and hits him. He says Dhara loves family, you don’t get enough of it. Gautam says she is our pride. Hardik says you sent her to that goon to insult her. What Gautam asks. God and Shiva come. Hardik says when you were afraid of your brother’s life and God decided to marry Ravi, why did you send Dhara for the alliance of ishshita? Dhara washes her face and cries. Hardik asks how Dhara will behave in this state, she was insulted in Janardhan’s house, Janardhan’s sister threw her out, my friend called me, he was passing by that house, I came here to meet Dhara, but she didn’t come here, I told her She is kept in my house like a princess. God remembers requesting a stream. Hardik says she was beaten, she was pulled out, she doesn’t know now. Dhara sat crying. Gautam got angry. Shiva and God stop him. Gautam says you go and find the stream, we will get points with Janardhan. Shiva says don’t do this drama, you made Dhara emotional and sent her there, if Dhara’s happiness is wasted, I don’t want such a brother. They go.

God cries out. He also goes with Shiva. He says I insulted her. The stream is in the temple. Gautam calls her. He asks where are you, are you all right? She says yes, I came to the temple to pray. She cries He says, stay there, I’m coming there. He tells Hardik that he will get the stream. He left. God and Shiva reached Shita’s house. They fight the guards. Me Shita says God has come to take me. She smiled. God shouts Janardhan. He beat Janardhan. Buwa calls the police. Shiva also beat him. God picked up her father’s phone and shouted at her. Ita Shita stopped at the door. Shiva warned Buwa. He says if I didn’t raise my hand against women, you would have died. God steps on Janardhan. Kalyani is called security. God says they are dead, go and see. Shiva asked Buwa to hang up the phone. Shiva asks who slapped my sister-in-law. Buwa says I did, I slapped her hard, if my safety was here they would have done the same to you. Shiva asked a Leki servant to come. He told her to slap Bua. Janardhan shouts. God slaps him. Shiva says kill her, otherwise Janardhan will be dead. The lady servant is scared. Shiva says hit her. The servant slapped the father. Shiva says give her a hard slap. Buwa slaps. Shiva smiled. God says I break up with ishshita, you have nothing to do with our family. He threatens Janardhan. God asks Janardhan not to watch the stream again. God and Shiva warn them and leave. Janardhan and Buwa got angry. Kirti is crying Shita. Happened Shita asks what happened, tell me. Kirti says that God and Shiva had beaten the father. What Ita Shita asks, God raised his hand to the father, maybe he had a quarrel with the father, if he had come to take me.

Kirti says you don’t take his side, you don’t feel bad for your father. Ita Shita said God loves me so much, how can he live without me. Kirti says that he came here for his sister-in-law. Ita Shita says it is his father’s fault, you told me that Buwa beat Dhara, he will come and take me. Ita Shita is waiting for God. Kirti says he won’t come, forget him. Ita Shita says he loves you, but he broke up with her more than his sister-in-law, he won’t marry you. All Shita says that Dhara is for all these reasons, I just hate her. Ita shita god wait. She runs after God. Shiva stopped the bike. Ita Shita hugs God and asks if you are leaving me. God says it’s not about you and me, it’s about honoring the stream. She says let Dhara and my father go to hell, our love didn’t go wrong, it’s Dhara’s fault, she shouldn’t come here, she ruined everything. God stopped shouting. Shiva smiled. God says I won’t hear a word against Dhara, it’s my fault for telling her I love you, I can’t marry anyone else, she came to your house to talk about our alliance. She says we will go and get married. He says nothing, I can’t be so selfish to marry you, forget our grandchildren.

Music, God, Shiva and Ravi dance. Ita Shita comes there and sees the goddess with Ravi.

Update credit to: Amena