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Pandya Store 30 March 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Ishita saying that I love you, if you leave me today you will lose me forever, there is still time, choose who you want, me or Dhara. Shiva got angry. God says I always choose the stream. Shiva and God go away.

Gautam helps Dhara. Hardik says think before you do anything. Gautam hugged the dam and apologized. He says I can’t protect your self-esteem. Dhara says it’s my fault, I went to think about where God and Shiva are. God comes. He apologizes to Dhara. He tells Dhara to apply mehndi, he will get married tomorrow, I will marry Ravi. Ravi tries to put on some brides. Comes cheerful. She asks you stupid, where did you get so many lahangs? Ravi says I choose one and return the rest, God be mine, tomorrow we will get married. She imagines God. She says I think our musical performance should be the best, do you dance with me?

Why God says no. She says we will practice. They dance. Shiva says I have to end their love affair. Praful says leave me. Ravi says where did God go. Prafulla told her to get ready. God says I have a request, my procession should cross Janardhan’s house. Gautam sees Shiva. Shiva says that Lady Server slapped Janardhan’s sister, how she insulted Dhara. Gautam hugged Dhara and his brothers. Krish comes and hugs them. Shouts with heartfelt joy. Krish asks why we became emotional. They laughed. A procession of memories. Sports

The stream calms God about itita. God says marriage is about two families, I hate the family that has insulted you, how long can that relationship last. Ita Shita says I am very bored. She speaks to Kirti. She says I will go to God. Kirti says he will not be yours, he has ended his relationship with you. Dhara says ishshita is not wise.

God says I don’t know who I know maybe I will love Ravi in ​​time. She goes. Me Shita says he can never forget me, he can understand me like that, please let me go. Kirti was right. Ita Shita says I promise I will come back to meet God, close the main door, I will go through the window, tell the father that I have got food and are asleep. She goes to cut the wire mesh. Dhara says I didn’t listen to you and went there. You think you want God to be happy, you will convince them, says Gautam. Dhara says I lost. She cries Gautam says we know that Ravi will get along well with the family, be ready to make them happy, be ready for music. Ravi gets Mehndi in her hand. God tells them to write their names. Shiva is happy. Ravi shows her Mehndi and says, God’s name will now be written. He says I will also apply Shagun Mehndi. She really asks. She says yes, I’m glad to hear from you sister-in-law. She jokes and laughs. He spoiled her mehndi. She yells leaving me. Dhara comes and tells Shiva to release her hand. Ravi shouts.

Ravi, Shiva and Deva dance in the music. Radha plays Teri Chunari… Ishita comes home and sees. She shouts to stop the marriage.

Update credit to: Amena