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Pandya Store 31 March 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Dhara stopping Shiva and saying that he is going to marry Ravi Devi. She asks him if Ravi is crying. He says I can’t forget the truth, seeing their faces reminds me of childhood, because of these people we lost our father, I’m not the greatest of you all. Dhara says the past cannot be changed, but it is up to us to change the bitterness. Shiva says I don’t think Ravi is family, it’s a nightmare. Ravi says I am a beautiful reality. Dhara is telling him not to bother Ravi again. Krish asks everyone to come for the dance. Ravi goes to dance with God.

Shiva dances with her. Janardhan is coming to see Radha Teri Chunari… Natak… ishshita. She jumps on the wall. She picks up someone’s phone and God calls. God does not answer. Gautam and Dhara dance to the song Gerua. God imagines itita. He is sad to see Ravi. He wonders why my heart is going to Ishita. Ita asks Shita Gautam’s house. Man asks if you came to Dev Mehndi function? She cares. Shiva dances at the party today… .. everyone dances. Ita shita comes and stops this marriage, I love God, God is just mine. God goes to Ita Shita. She hugged him. Ravi was shocked. God says you are cold…. I tried to get away from you, but I couldn’t, sorry Ravi I can’t get married, I love ishshita.

He has a dream of ishshita. Janardhan’s man pulls her out. Janardhan slapped her. God goes to see. Ravi stops him and hugs him. Janardhan asks how dare you come here? He takes Itita Shita home. Shiva prepares God for marriage. God is sad and thinks of ishita. Shiva thinks that God is very sad in his own marriage. Ita Shita says that I will not allow God to marry anyone else. Kalyani slapped her. Shiva says that I feel bad that God could not get his love. Krish says I don’t know how to be happy for God’s marriage or to be sad because their love story is not complete. Shiva says that Gautam and Dhara are also sad, they are happy. Krish says Suman is far from this truth, we want to encourage the gods. Kalyani said, I will see how your love story grows. She locked itita. Janardhan tells his goons to guard the room. Shiva consoled God. He says Ishita’s family is not good. Ravi got ready for her wedding and laughed.

Kalyani asked Ishita to get ready for the wedding. Ita Shita says I will not go. Kalyani threatens her.

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