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Pandya Store 3 April 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Dev and Ravi sitting in the tent. Pundits begin the ritual. Ita Shita is running out of the house. Janardhan welcomes the groom. Buwa asks Kalyani to come to the tent. Ravi asks Shiva to sit in the tent because she has no joy. Anita ties the knot. Gautam looks at her and remembers her words. Pundits recite the law. Kalyani went into the room and Ita Shita could not see. She is shocked. Shiva signed Prafulla about Suman’s bangles. Dev and Ravi are taking the wounds of marriage. Ita Shita is on the way.

She takes the elevator by asking someone. She comes to the house of God. She shouts that stop this marriage, this marriage cannot happen. Everyone is shocked. Kalyani says ishshita has run away. The father is shocked. Ita Shita says you made a vow of love to me, how can you marry someone, I will be God’s wife and daughter-in-law of this house. God sees Ravi in ​​shock. Prafulla got angry at Shita. Suman asks what are you talking about my son, Ravi is my arm, get out of here. Ita Shita says the truth will not change, God loves me. Suman says, shut up, my children do not love anyone in secret.

Ita Shita hugged God and told him to tell the truth. Praful hits her. Ita Shita said that Dhara did not want me and God to marry, so she is marrying someone to her. Dhara says save my gods, go away. Ita Shita says why should I go, it is between God and me. She tells God to tell the truth, she will die without him. Praful pulls her out. God says let go of her hand, she is telling the truth, we love each other. Everyone is shocked. Ravi looks at the stream. The stream shouts. Praful asks Dhara to ask, does she know everything? Dhara says yes, it is true.

Suman asks why did you lie to me, why did you deceive me? God says and Shita and I wanted to get married, I never thought of marrying Ravi. Prafula asks if this marriage is a joke, you have played with her feelings. She said, “Dhara, you have taken revenge.” She asked Suman if she was happy with the revenge. Jagat Dharla Vinwani. He says that if this marriage does not take place, Ravi will die today. Ravi shouts. Jagat says, marry Ravi to God, God cannot marry anyone else. Just Shita said God will only marry me. Gautam says go away, God and Ravi’s wedding will take place here, I call the police. Ita Shita says I see how it happens, I will not back down.

Dhara asks Shiva to give her whatever she asks for. Shiva just told her to order. Dhara says accept Ravi and marry her. Everyone is shocked.

Update credit to: Amena