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Praful asked Dhara that her revenge is not complete now. Jagat says that we made a mistake and Anita’s life was ruined, in the same way Ravi’s life is ruined, we have no choice but to die. Dhara says I’m sorry, don’t say give me a chance. The world will ask what will happen, Ravi’s future will not change, I will see Ravi’s future. Please give me a chance, says Dhara. Ravi asks what will you do with the opportunity, if God marries me today I will not marry her, he does not love me, but I love him, I cannot force him. Dhara tells Gautam to stop them. Gautam begs Jagat to stop for a while. Cheerful signs no. Jagat says listen to Prafula, look at Ravi. They stay behind. Dhara says I can only see one way now. Suman is treated by a doctor. She gets angry and tells Dhara to get out of there. She gives leave to the doctor.

Gaura asks what is wrong with Dhara that you are hitting her, it is just God’s fault, Dhara was wrong that God loves Ravi, but God could have told her everything, he has been in love for 2 years. Dhara says enough. Gautam says tell me, God used to share small things, he was like her friend, he could tell her everything, wasn’t it his duty to tell her about his love? Suman says Dhara knew everything. Gauri says, Dhara understood after Haradi Rasama, God told us that he loves Avshita, not Ravi, I told them to hide this matter from you, Dhara wants to bring out the truth, you were asking her how she got hurt, she was at Janardhan’s house When she went to ask for Ishita’s hand, she was insulted and hurt. Suman said she has dramatized God’s marriage, insulted me. The stream shouts.

Suman says she is careless, her health is not checked properly, after many years my relationship with the world has improved, I feel her fault. Gautam says but Ma… Suman shouts and next time says, control your voice before talking to me, otherwise don’t speak. Dhara apologized on Gautam’s behalf. Suman teases her. Seeing the stream Shiva. She asks me what you will give me. Shiva asks what he asks, you don’t have to ask anything, give me an order. She said no order. She pleaded with him. She says I am asking for the right to make the biggest decision of your life, accept Ravi and marry her. Shiva and everyone was shocked.

About the life of a girl, she says, you may have seen her, she was going to commit suicide, she will accept, I know you hate me, she loves the Pandya family, this family, she dreams of being a part of our family. If the dream falls, then she will die. She cries and says Ravi, I beg you. Gautam asks what are you saying. Dhara says I am making a mistake again, I am asking Shiva’s life to save Ravi’s life, will you let a girl die for your happiness?

Shiva says I told you my life is yours, you just need to order me, I will marry Ravi. Everyone is shocked. Dhara hugs him and shouts. She goes to Ravi. Praful says let’s go from here. She teases the stream. Dhara asks Ravi, will you be my Shiva’s Gauri? They were shocked. Ita Shita says we will get married. God says it won’t be okay. She said you have to take responsibility for me too. Ravi gives Dhara a pair of scissors.

She says cut the name of God from my heart, tell me, you can write the name of Shiva, no, right, if you cut my heart you will see the love of God. Praful asks what did you say, tell me, you came here with the alliance of that crazy Shiva, I will not allow Ravi to marry him. Jagat says wait, Dhara is right, Shiva is nature, but he is pure from the heart. Praful says he is bad-tempered, he is an uneducated, dirty fellow, he can’t stand with Ravi. Jagat says enough, I will not let you ruin Ravi’s life, stop now. He asks Ravi to understand, Dhara gets angry with Shiva for improving her, he is good at heart, he understands relationships, he will love you and keep you happy. God says I have hurt my family emotionally, your family has hurt my sister-in-law, I can’t marry you. Prafulla says Ravi does not agree.

Ravi comes to marry Shiva. Ita Shita comes to marry God. Krish says I never thought Shiva and Ravi would get together.

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