Pandya Store 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita behaves bad – Telly Updates

Pandya Store 9 April 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with a hug from Dhara Ravi. Ravi thinks that I will never forgive you for this. Gautam hugs Shiva. Krishna also hugs Shiva and tells him to be happy. Ravi hugged Prafulla. Someone asked Shita why she did this drama when she was married to someone else. How did she feel that she would marry you, do you like her? She laughs. Jagat tells Ravi to believe, for her welfare. He blesses Shiva and Ravi. Kanta tells them to have sweets, get married, no matter what happens. The stream carries the couple along. Prafulla cries and says that Ravi’s life has been ruined. Jagat says what I did is right. He says that Ravi married Shiva to a crazy boy, which is a big loss for us. He slapped Anita for ruining her life. She argues. She says I will marry Anita to someone. Couples sit down to get sweets. Ita Shita is happy. Cheerful Anita sees.

Hardik helps Prafulla. She has an idea. Ita Shita asked God to take sweets. Krishna jokes that anyone gives sweets to Shiva. Prafulla acts and says I will call someone for help. She calls Anita. She tells him to choose a gift. Prafulla has an idea. She throws a split at Anita. Anita was hurt. Prafulla sees Hardik and asks him to take her home. Anita said I will go myself. Praful says take her home, I will take care of it all. Hardik takes Anita. Krish Shita happily stood up for the picture and asked Krish Deva to control ita Shita, otherwise Shiva would break the camera. Shiva was angry with the photographer. Dhara apologizes. Ita Shita says click on our pictures, it is not a forced marriage for us, it is a love marriage, the picture should be good. God stops her. Ravi cries more. Shiva looks at her. Please don’t make a face, pictures will be bad, take sweets, please. Ravi left sadly. Shiva and Dhara also go away.

Ita Shita asks aren’t you happy? God says, no, my family is getting emotionally traumatized, you want to celebrate. She says I left my family to get married, I am happy for myself, everyone was against our marriage, yet we got married, won our love. He says we get to celebrate any day. She says it may not be a wedding day, you may have memories, it is my right to be happy. Ravi sat in the car. The stream is sad. Shiva asked Dhara to sit with Ravi. Dhara says I have to go home early to make arrangements, you sit with Ravi and I will come in another train. Ra Shita took the banner of Dev Vedi Ravi from Dhar’s hand. She shows it to Ravi and bursts into tears. Everyone keeps an eye on it. Ravi was sad. Gautam takes the banner. Shiva sat in the car. Gautam says that Ravi’s status in the family will not diminish, you are now our arm, you have the status of both and we have to live together under one roof. Prafulla got angry at Shita.

Dhara welcomes the couple with Aarti. Ita Shita stops the stream and says you don’t have to breathe to do our Aarti. Suman and everyone looks at it.

Update credit to: Amena