PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN – Episode 2 – Telly Updates

Hello friends with 2nd.iam 2nd episode .. hope you all like it ..

Mental Shelter:

Maya is seen holding her doll and screaming.

Maya to doll: Dollu… My mother is thinking that I am crazy..but how can I explain to her that I am not crazy huh ??

There are tears in Maya’s eyes

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMaya: Dollu..Ammi thought I was crazy because I always talk to you..and always cry..but you know why I always cry and talk to you

Maya cries and she thinks ..

An FB is shown:

One day Maya and Perna were sitting in a shop eating ice cream and suddenly Maya fainted and Prena was shocked. Inspiration poured water on her face to wake her up.

Motivation: Please go Maya .. what happened to you all of a sudden ??

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMaya is still not awake so Prerna is scared so she immediately took her to the hospital and then the doctor examines Maya and calls Prarna who is standing outside the ICU.

Motivation (in a frightened voice): Doctor, is she okay ?? Is she ok

The doctor’s face becomes pale.

Doctor: No, madam. She is suffering from brain cancer.

Perrna was shocked and she grabbed his head and shouted …

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesDoctor: Madam, there is no point in crying. .

Motivation: How can any patient be happy to hear the doctor of this disease ??

Doctor: Look madam .. Happiness can also cure a deadly disease so please try to understand … you should make her happy… If you are crying like this then patients will also lose their understand ??

Inspiration wiped away her tears and nodded her head अचानक and suddenly Maya’s cry which shocked the doctor and Prena

Maya shouts: What ?? Do I have brain cancer?

Prena and Doctor Maya look shocked

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMotivation: .. really maya … doctor only ..

Maya is interrupted by tears

Maya: Stop Prena नका Don’t lie to me .. I listened to every conversation

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly Updates.Perrna was shocked

Doctor: Don’t panic. Misaya … Fear is not can be cured because 75% of people with 100% brain cancer have survived … don’t worry … if you are always positive then nothing will happen to you ..

Maya gets tears and runs and hugs Prena ..

Maya: Inspiration Day..We are ready to face this struggle..We are not afraid of death..but if death comes ..

Inspiration puts a finger on Maya’s lips

Motivation: Stop Maya! Don’t even dare to talk about death .. I know you are brave so stand up and don’t fight and don’t give up… I always support you with love

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMaya hug Prena ..

Maya: OK sorry .. I will not talk about death next time..I am going to fight against this disease..see who wins..this is Maya Sharma against brain cancer

Prerna smiled at her courage and said: Maya Sharma definitely won

The two sisters smile and hug each other.

Maya: I’m not scared of myself anymore but my parents are scared if they know this

Doctor: Miss Maya and Motivation Please let your parents know because your mother has a heart condition and if she has a heart attack, it will affect her heart as a result of her illness. ..

Both agreed.

Doctor: An advice to Maya Sharma.

Maya: Yes doctor ..

Doctor: To avoid confusion, always keep yourself busy talking to someone because if you are sitting alone, you will keep thinking about this disease, but if you are talking to someone, you will feel peace which is more important at this time .. Understood Maya ??

Maya: Yes Doctor

So after consulting a doctor, Prerna and Maya reached their home

Motivation: Maya .. Go and get a good night’s sleep so you can have fun with your friends tomorrow

Maya: Okay.

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesSuddenly hope came there ..

Asha: What’s going on here Inspiration ??

Motivation and Maya are stressed but they hide their worries.

Motivation: What do you mean mom ??

Asha: I can you decide to go out and enjoy Maya ??

Motivation: What is wrong with that mother ?? I don’t know why you don’t always let Maya come out… she’s a human she has the right to enjoy and explore the mother of the outside world

Asha Chidli ..

Asha: Inspiration .. I know you are taking care of your sister that’s why you are asking for her rights but mother as her mother I am also taking care of her and that’s why I don’t leave her out ..

Motivation: So you allow me to explore and enjoy the outside world ?? So that means you don’t care about me ??

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesAsha: No beta .. Not like that .. You are mature so I allow you to go out and enjoy because you are able to face any problem but Maya is childish so I can’t allow her because she is able to face her problem No. Because she is still childish and not as mature as you .. what will she do if she has any problem ?? Aym scared out to scare her and that’s why I don’t allow her परवानगी.

Motivation: also understand that only if she goes out and sees him can she become mature and capable

Asha Ragavali

Hope: Inspiration .. within your limits .. I know what to decide for everyone so don’t try to get what you want .. if you think of removing maya again, the worst consequences will be in this house .. remember

When inspiration is aroused by anger, this hope is irritated and love comes to her.

Maya: Inspire .. Don’t worry, I will be happy at home.

Motivation: But want to enjoy so that you will be happy and forget about your illness so that it can be cured.

Maya: That’s right .. I have a beautiful gift and I will enjoy it because I love it so much

While Preyna was standing there sadly, she went to her room to call her Maya.

Motivation in mind: I thought that if she went out and enjoyed, she would not think about her illness so that she would always be happy but if she was alone here, she would think about her illness… of course I am going to college too .. if I don’t have college I’ve always been in love there but what to do is our misfortune

Praying to God with closed eyes …

Inspiration in mind: ‘Oh God, now you are only for Maya .. Please don’t think about her illness and grieve. Please keep her happy even if no one is with her and cure her soon. ‘ ..

While praying, tears flow from the eyes of the inspiration and finally she completes the prayer.

After two to three months

Asha saw Maya talking to her doll and smiling.

Asha Manat: What happened to this Maya ?? These three months of Maya went crazy. . She is talking to her doll and laughing to herself .. She used to be alone three months ago but she will not be like that but this three months Maya is acting like crazy…

Asha goes and pulls and throws the doll .. whom Maya

Maya: What did you do, mother? Why did you throw my doll

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesAsha: Because you are talking to him ..

Maya: What went wrong with that mother ?? I feel alone that I am talking to him .. If you allow me out I will not talk to him. I want to share my heart with someone but I don’t want to share with anyone and that’s why I’m sharing with my doll

Asha: Three months ago you were alone but at that time you were sharing with this doll, weren’t you ??

Maya: Mom .. it’s a different time..I can’t answer that and everyone …. please leave me alone

Maya takes her doll down and hugs and sleeps… .As soon Asha stares at her

Hope in my mind: Maya doesn’t even listen to me … I will find a solution for this …

Asha thinks for a while and comes up with an idea.

Asha in mind: ‘If I put her in mental shelter for a few days, she will be normal .. Nowadays she is always talking and crying with that doll … I will make her normal and I am the only way to deal with her because I tried for months but no use No but if I send her for mental asylum she will change. ‘

The next day, Asha fools her without knowing Prena and takes Maya to the shelter… and leaves her there and returns to college when Prena finds Maya

Inspiration: Where is Mother Maya ??

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesAsha Smarax: I left her somewhere because she was cracked and she will come back when she is normal.

Perrna was shocked

Motivation: What ?? Do you think your own daughter is crazy ??

Asha: What to do ?? I’ve been watching her for three months … she’s always talking to inanimate objects and all of a sudden she’s crying and what’s all this hint ?? I tried to change her but I couldn’t because I thought of changing her in another way so I left her in a place where she would change.

Inspiration is angry but controls

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMotivation: Ma..she was talking to the doll to ignore her doll .. if you had allowed her to meet her friends, she would not have talked to the dolls ..

Asha: But before and after all she was not well ?? Maya was also alone three months ago but she was not talking to the dolls and now what happened ??

Motivation: She was in the past and she is now .. The mood will change as per convenience and now Maya wants to talk to someone but you are not allowed so she started sharing it with her dolls काय What’s wrong with that ??

Hope blames: Inspiration Nowadays you too have become as bad as Maya in these three months .. I don’t know what happened to both of you ?? .. Do good and do your work or I send you too far where you can’t even visit. She.

Motivation: Okay .. I kept quiet but tell me where did you send her ??

Hope bad laughter ..

Hope: I won’t tell you

Motivation: Mom… Please don’t separate us. (She cries)

Hope blames: If you want to see your sister then please

Motivation upsets but agrees ..

Asha: Then promise me in my name

Motivation: I can sacrifice myself for my sister’s benefit, so I promise you in your name, mother.

Hope bad humor …

Asha: Then you have to marry a 45 year old man

Inspiration shocked ..

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMotivation: What ?? How am i

Asha: If you agree, I will tell you the place after your engagement and bring Maya back after marriage, otherwise Maya will stay there… because I have also contacted the owner of that place

Perena is crying for her sister and agrees.

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesWhen hope sinks and goes away.

FB Finished

Maya: Dolu .. I never knew my mom about blackmailing instincts but I know there is a good sister (nurse) here that IMAD is not crazy so it helped me to find out what happened while hiding in the house

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly UpdatesMaya: I have to run away now to save my sister … I have to think about what I have to do ..

Maya has an idea ..

PATH OF LOVE ON RED THORN - Episode 2 - Telly Updates

Maya: Dolu… We can get out of that toilet window right ??

So Maya writes a letter to that sister and puts it under her pillow and goes to the toilet and jumps a little through the toilet window but someone passing by sees it.

Maya: Hifive Dolu… (Maya rubs her doll with pleasure) Let go quickly before anyone sees ..

So Maya runs away from the shelter but someone caught her outside the shelter who was watching her run out the window and started screaming

Stranger (shouting): Security… I caught a girl running away from the toilet window घेऊन with this crazy girl.

Prep: Komolica and Mishka ugly fight. Passion and inspiration Fake engagement. Nivedita falls on wisdom.