Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Megha blackmails Mayura – Telly Updates

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The episode begins with Mayura thanking Shankar for saving her identity. She says how did Omkar get suspicious about the star fairy? Shankar says that Omkar should do something before taking any steps. Grandmother asks Megha if Surekha has reached her aunt’s house. Megha says yes. Omkar’s bodyguards come there and ask where is Mayura? Akhilesh says Mayura is not here. He says he will take Akhilesh away from there. Mayura comes there and thinks that Shankara sent her at the right time and told Omkar that Nayan is at home. The guards take her to a warehouse. Omkar got there and joined her hands. Mayura asks when did you come to Jabalpur? Omkar asks if she is in pain, how are you? Mayura said you kidnapped my daughter and you are asking me this. She then says that Tara is home and she needs to go home. Omkar doesn’t tell her to take action and her family members make a fake noise telling her to take care and they will endure the atrocities, don’t worry. Akhilesh called the police. Mayura realizes that they are fake voices and are working. The guard shows the doll and says that she considers this doll to be her daughter. Mayura tells him to return his daughter. He asks if this is your daughter. Mayura said yes. She fainted. Omkar calls the doctor and she gives him an injection. She says she will regain consciousness after 12 hours. Omkar told the guards to leave her safely at home.

Mayura tells Akhilesh that she has to go now. Manjari calls Omkar and tells him that Tara is insisting on having a meal with Nayan’s hand. Omkar asks when did you send her? Manjari says at 4 p.m. Mayura left and said to Dad. Megha asked who is she? Mayura says Nisha. Megha gets a call from Sanjay that he will lose a big investment and ask for money. She tells him to focus on work and ends the call. She found black ink fingerprints on the wall and looked suspicious.

Omkar comes to Nisha’s house and asks her father to meet Nayan. Nisha’s father slapped him. Omkar went inside the room and found Nayan / Mayura resting. Mayura got up and said she was fine. Omkar says he came to ask if she would come tomorrow. Mayura said how could she say that. Omkar goes. Mayura thinks she will be one step ahead of her. She goes out and tells the auto driver to take her. Megha comes there and calls her Mayura. Mayura said she is addicted. Megha threatened to tell Omkar. Mayura tells her not to tell Omkar. Megha says I know you are doing this to get stars and in return you have to help me. Mayura asks if you have a problem. Megha says I will not tell your secret to anyone and especially to Omkar. She says there is a price to keep her secret. If she doesn’t ask him to pay, she will tell Omkar the truth and take the money from him. Mayura said you are blackmailing me. She asks why you need money. Megha says that she needs lakhs of rupees and says that Sanjay has suffered a loss and needs to return the money. She asks for Omkar’s signature on the documents and Sanjay says that they can easily operate his account and Omkar will not know. Mayura refused. Megha threatened to tell Omkar and told him to star for the rest of his life. Omkar tells Manjuri that there is no connecting link between Mayura and Nayan, but his heart does not accept. Manjari asked her to remove her eyes. Omkar says that Tara is happy with Nayan. Then Tara came with a drawing and one says Nayan and the other is Nana ji. Omkar was shocked and dropped the glass from his hand. Tara panicked. Omkar asks when did you meet her? The day of Holi is called Tara. The cat said Nayan may have met an elderly man as Nanaji. Omkar suffers.

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Update credit to: H Hassan