Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura fails to run away with Tara – Telly Updates

March 29, 2021 Written part of Pinjra Khusurati, written update on

The episode begins with Omkar telling Nayan / Mayura that whenever she looks at him she reminds him of Mayura and tells him that she was her life and very beautiful .. I wonder why I think that is strange. Mayura pushes him away and says that his strange love did not make sense to her. Tara asks Mayura, why everyone is dancing weird. Mayura says everyone dances and enjoys and says they will do some adventure too. Tara says we will take sin with us. Mayura says we will go out, make friends and then beg Dad to let us play too. She says our fairy mother is where we are. Omkar stars come. Tara says we are going to meet the fairy Mala. Omkar kisses Tara and says my daughter. Mayura takes her in her arms. Shankar caught Omkar’s attention as he led Mayura Tara away from there. Omkar looks at the star. Mayura apologizes for keeping Tara and Omkar away from each other. Omkar is under the influence of cannabis and the young man says ….. Mayura pulls her out. He says we are playing Holi, not looking for hiding. Shankar looks at him. They come out. Akhilesh is standing outside. Mayura looks at him. Akhilesh looks at her and opens the car door. They sit in the car.

Some maids come to Omkar’s house. The cat asks where is Guruma? The maid says she went to play Holi and tells the maid to come out of the cannabis effect. Tara asks Mayura about Akhilesh. Mayura says he is your grandfather, your mother’s father. Tara is happy and asks about her mother. Akhilesh says she is good and tells about Mayura. They say they will go to the bus stop. If Megha doesn’t ask Surekha and Dadi, aren’t they happy? They say they are happy, but worried about the peacock. They make her Gujia. Megha overheard Sanjay talking on the phone and thought something was wrong. Gurumasa Sevaks make everyone drink something to get out of the bhong effect. Omkar and everyone takes care of Tara. Akhilesh dropped Mayura off at the bus stand. Mayura tells her to take care. Akhilesh says he will go. He left. Mayura tells Tara that she will meet her fairy mother. Tara gets excited. Mayura asks the bus conductor about the bus. They say it will come after the diesel is full and then leave in an hour. Mayura thinks if Omkar comes at that time. She saw someone coming in the car. Shankar pretends and says he has a bad headache. Manjari says to me too. The maid asks who brought the consciousness home. Omkar asks where the nurse is and remembers Manjari’s words. He says the nurse also took my daughter and asked the guard to go to the nurse’s house and check. Mayura was seen approaching her and she was trying to paint. Mayura tells them to stay away from them and slaps the boy. The girl falls down and says she will not leave him and will play Holi with him. Mayura runs from there. Omkar is searching for Tara and wonders why he accepted Tara’s words. The cat scolded the doctor for sending the thief nurse to him. Shankar called Mayura and told her that Omkar had gone to find Tara. The kids come to Mayura and ask what her problem is, they just want to paint them. Mayura thinks her makeup will come out and begs them not to pour water on them. She told Tara to run and she fell down. Tara calls her. Mayura tells her to get there. Guys surrounded her. Mayura begs them not to throw water on her.

Akhilesh comes home. Megha asked how is Minty? Akhilesh says she is fine, good report came. Megha insisted on meeting her. Akhilesh refused to send her there. The children pour water on the peacock. Mayura noticed uneven makeup on her face. Omkar got there and hugged Tara. They saw him and ran away and the colored wallet fell out of their pockets. Omkar comes up to her and looks at her colorful face. He accuses her of trying to kidnap Tara, and they say that if she had asked him for money, he would have given it to her for Tara’s pleasure. The police arrive there. Mayura told police inspectors to arrest Omkar, as his daughter was frightened to see him in the breach result and ran out of the house. They say she was chasing Tara when she got on the bus. Omkar says she is lying, she has brought my daughter here. She gave us cannabis herself and kidnapped my daughter. Mayura looks at him.

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