Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mayura plans to free Tara from Omkar’s cage – Telly Updates

April 2, 2021 Written Part of Pinjra Khusurati, Written Update on

Omkar is taking Tara in a day or two, informed Dr. Mayura. The series begins with a receipt from Khanna. She shouts and says that there is Omkar on one side and Megha on the other side. What does Akhilesh ask? Mayura thinks she can’t tell them. She comes to Omkar’s house and receives Megha’s threatening message that the documents will be ready today and if she doesn’t take Omkar’s sign on it, she will tell her Omkar the truth. Omkar looks in front of her and picks up her phone. She picked up her phone. Omkar sends his bodyguards to investigate Mayura’s family. Mayura tries to warn them and calls Akhilesh, but the call cannot be connected. Mayura smashed Tara’s medicine bottle. Manjari and Omkar come there. Manjari slapped her for breaking the medicine bottle. Mayura said she slipped by mistake and said she would get it. Omkar tells Manjari to let her go. Mayura went out. Omkar takes her back to her car and calls Manjari that he is following Nayan and will catch her with red hand today. Mayura sees Omkar coming after him and tells the driver to take the right turn. Omkar sees her going to the pharmacy and buying medicine. She thinks I will give you a good response. She told the driver to take the right turn and told the neighbors to talk to Akhilesh. The FB will end. She thinks the mother queen is with her this time.

Manjari comes into the hall and teases Tara. Mayura falls there. Omkar asks what happened and asks her to show it. Manjari shows a mustache on her face made of wire. Omkar says good job star. Tara said that she will also work on her face. Omkar stops her and says it’s a permanent marker. Tara gets upset and says I won’t talk to you, you always stop me from doing anything. She asked Mayura to play with her. Mayura thinks Omkar wants her to walk away from Tara, but the latter is holding her hand. Megha called her. Mayura goes there and gets the documents from Megha. She sheds tears. Megha threatened to tell Omkar. Mayura tells her to tell Omkar and gives her a phone call, saying that if Omkar finds out about her veracity, his lenders will know his whereabouts. Megha said you are blackmailing me. I said I wouldn’t keep quiet if you treated me wrong, and she’s not old enough to be Mayura. Omkar or she will not leave, she says.

Tara slips the paper into Sorry Note’s room. Omkar comes out of the room and hugs her. Tara says sorry and a friend’s nurse told me I won’t be angry with you. He sleeps in his room with Tara. Mayura looks at her and she thinks this is your last night with Tara. Manjari came there and found her standing. She asks what are you doing here tonight? Omkar got up and came out. She had a bad dream and that’s why she came to see Tara, says Mayura. Tara then plays and acts to give everyone tea in her toy cut. She says she made it with her own hands. Shankar pretends to drink and says it is tasty, your grandmother never did such a thing. Mayura calls Shankar and asks her to help, telling her that she has to go out and meet Dr. Khanna. She tells him to send Omkar out. Shankar called Omkar in his changed voice and told the factory worker that the accident had taken place. Omkar goes to the factory and tells Manjari that we have to go. Mayura tells Manjari that she will go and buy toys for Tara. Manjari says no need, I will ask Omi to send any servant. She told him to take care of Tara. Mayura asks Papa what to do. Shankar says I don’t know. Manjari thinks Nayan is gone. Shankar hears Nayan swearing and she thinks she is here. The other woman is standing in Mayura’s wake. Shankar thinks she was called well. Mayura comes to the hospital and meets Khanna. Dr Khanna says some of the heroines met by accident and that is why the hospital is crowded. Mayura went to his cabin. Dr. Khanna is introducing him as an assistant. No workers met by accident and the driver was told to take a U-turn, Omkar said. He doesn’t see the news about the heroine, in which Mayura / Nayan are seen in the background along with Dr. Khanna. Mayura thanked Dr. Khanna and he thinks she should free Tara from Omkar’s cage age.

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Update credit to: H Hassan