Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Omkar shows Mayura’s pic to Tara for identification – Telly Updates

March 31, 2021 Written part of Pinjra Khusurati, written update on

At the beginning of the episode, Manjari asked Tara to drink juice. Tara refuses. Shankara says your sins are coming, drink the juice. Tara is going to be interested to see Omkar coming there. Tara asks Papa, if the friend’s nurse hasn’t come. Omkar signed her to Nayan / Mayura. Mayura has brought gifts and balloons for her. Tara is happy and hugs her. Mayura says your fairy Mane sent this gift. She tells him to eat and says if we don’t have food then how do we go out. Manjari asks what do you say? The stars are restless. When Tara recovered, Mayura said no. Omkar reminds Mayura that when she handles Tara she should not interfere and her family members should not stop her from doing anything. Omkar agrees. The FB will end. Omkar tells Manjari that Ku. Everything will happen according to Nayan. He asked Tara where she wanted to go. Tara said she wanted to go to the park. Omkar says we will go tomorrow. Mayura asked Omkar to send Tara’s food to the room. Manjari said she did not believe Nayan. “We’ll be back in a week when the stars are fine,” says Omkar. Mayura talks to Shankar and tells him that she has only a period of one week. Manjari spoke to the security guard. She says that just as Vasudevaji saved Krishnaji, he will also save Tara. Omkar approaches Tara and hugs her. He says we’ll go out today. Mayura thanks him for thinking about the star’s rise. He brings her into the hall and makes her look at the park parked in the hall.

Tells me what Mayura is, why the park was planted here. Omkar says the doctor said Tara couldn’t go out so he brought the park here. Tara kisses him on the cheek and plays in the park erected play. Pinjara plays the song. Tara got candy flush from the candy flush shop. Manjari tells Shankar that Tara is very happy. Shankar says that she will be happy when she runs in Kharriya Park. The cat was informed by the job that Tara’s medicine bottle was broken. Manjari teases her and goes to the hospital to fetch her. She looks at the clouds there, wondering at the peacock. She realized that Mayura was not at home. She wonders if Mayura has sent Nayan here. Omkar asks Tara what to do after playing in the park. Tara says she is falling asleep. Mayura said she would study now. Omkar says she is my daughter and not yours. Manjari comes there and tells Omkar that Mayura is not in her house and Megha was looking for her. Omkar says my men interrogated her and said that her mental state was not right. He thinks of finding out. Shankar listens to them.

The peacock teaches the star shape in a unique way. Omkar comes there and says I told her to sleep. Mayura says it is also needed for overall growth. Tara said she has learned all shapes. Megha comes to Akhilesh’s house and asks where Mayura is, she is not in the hospital. Omkar looks at the picture of the peacock and remembers his moments. He tells the cat that he will show Tara a photo of Mayura and if she introduces him as a fairy, तर Akhilesh tells Megha that Mayura is in a special hospital. Megha insists on getting the number. Omkar comes to Tara and tells her that she will tell her story. He shows her a photo of a peacock and asks if she is his fairy. Tara says no. Mayura gets there and suffers. Omkar asks again. Tara said, no, Shankar remembered asking her not to recognize the photo. Tara asks who is this beautiful woman? “It simply came to our notice then. We got it by mistake,” says Omkar. He thinks Mayura may not be Tara’s fairy mother but I have to find out about her.

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Update credit to: H Hassan